Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage Dress{ing} Day II

The moment I saw this dress hanging in the thrift store I knew I.had.to.have.it.
I prayed it would fit because I have an aversion to trying things on when thrifting.
I was so desparate to own it that I figured if it didn't fit, I would just start my own vintage Etsy store and sell it to some wonderful woman who would give it the tender loving care it deserved.
Of course, after it sold I would go out of business since my stock will have been depleted.
But this dress gives me that much inspiration.

Fortunately for me, it fits like a glove and even the husband loved it.
But not nearly as much as I do.

dress: vintage, thrifted
heels: nina
earrings: express


  1. Another great find! This is gorgeous...the color really suits you!

  2. That dress is beautiful. I love the color, and the gathering is such a nice effect.

  3. it's such an amazing color!! and the fit and gathering details are so fem and flattering. great thrift find!

  4. WOW,stunning dres!!!You look great!

  5. YOWZA! What an amazing dress! If it were red, it'd be a total Jessica Rabbit dress, haha! But the minty color makes it more "innocent" somehow, and less vampy, which works so well on you. I love the ruching on the side!

  6. Great color and looks fab on. As for the red dress I got from Ebay, tags say Neiman Marcus. Who knew they had their own line? BTW, you inspire me to dress up more. The problem is taking the photo. :)


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