Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage Dress{ing} Day III

I adore almost everything about this dress.
The color.
The fact that it is 100% washable silk.
The femininity it exudes.
The only thing I don't like is that it is too big on me.

In between photos I had to keep adjusting myself so you didn't get to know me any better than you want to.
If you know what I mean.
I need to move to Canada ASAP and become friends with Jentine who would be able to rework this dress faster than you can say "thrift shopping".
But alas, I sold my sewing machine when I was a single mom supporting my son and I in a home that had electric heat.
Do you know what those bills looked like in January/February?

Sometimes we do hasty things out of necessity.
Sometimes we do hasty things out of want.
And I want this dress to fit.

dress: vintage,thrifted
earrings: vintage,thrifted
bracelets: jcrew, express & misc.
heels: nine west


  1. Like you, I am very into dresses this year. This color is amazing on you. As for my camera, I do use a tri-pod but it's all about timing and mostly hurried snapshots. Bad for me because photography is a hobby of mine. Will post more, if I can.

  2. Love the color!


  3. You look fantastic in blue, especially this bright shade. It's retro but still very modern - I love how styles come back!

  4. just read your comment!! my english is not bad, but i had to look up 4 words i didn't understand!! that is ok because i am always eager to learn. this was the best comment ever and i will hang it above my bed.

    girl, i love this dress so much, you are looking amazing. the bright color makes you glow. as i said before, i love your hair, the curls look so natural. the bangles are definitely the best feature and the absolute finishing touch. yes nude shoes, always a winner with a fabulous spring dress

  5. It is really pretty! Sad you had to sell your sewing machine back in the day. To be honest, I do some alterations out of necessity but I have been avoiding my sewing machine, since I took a year long break from dress making!

  6. the dress i very pretty and love your bracelets!

  7. The color of that dress is electric!I love it on you. Do you think a local seamstress could fix it up for you? It's too good to sell or pass up. It looks fab on you.


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