Wednesday, May 11, 2011

12 Step~ping Stones

The thrifting gods have been exceptionally good to me lately, yet I have no idea why.
I have been finding things that have me drooling at the mouth to wear.
These fabulous treasures cannot be cleaned and ready to wear fast enough for me.

My closets are bursting at the seams and this morning yet again, I find myself thumbing through hanger by hanger saying "Will I wear you this summer?"
Too dark, too heavy, just not feeling it, whatever the case is I need some major editing right now.
Then, on a day like yesterday, I am driving home from a hair appointment and as I see the sign for Goodwill I find myself magnetically drawn into the parking lot.
And I hate Goodwill.

Yet, on my visit yesterday I figured out how to deal with the sea of racks in Goodwill ala Eleanor style (but that should be a post in itself) and walked out of there within an hour with a Dana Buchman summer sweater, a vintage Liz Claiborne maxi dress I am DYING to wear, a vintage jacket that is beyond swoonworthy and brand spanking new vintage orange (i die!)pumps!
All for under $20!
Is there a 12~step program for this?

Last week I was on my bi~weekly run to our local wholesale club and tweeted how I was right by my favorite thrift store and debating whether or not I should go.
Pamela tweeted right back to have some strength and do my grocery shopping first but by the time I saw her message back to me it was too late and I was already inside, arms laden.
But I found this silk Tucker blouse I wore yesterday with my red pants that I cannot seem to get enough of.
So I say HA! to frugality as I continue to thrift my way onto a future episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive.
You will see my little hand waving to you all from under a massive pile of vintage.

top: tucker, thrifted (and nope, NOT tucker for target!)
ankle pants: limited
bracelets: lola's
sandals & sunglasses: banana republic
watch: citizen
ring: tiffany's

p.s. i have a thrift date with carly tomorrow! hee hee!
p.p.s. i didn't realize that i hate goodwill so much that it has been a year since my last visit there until i linked up my last post. where does the time go?


  1. I usually don't thrift but I'ma a sucker for Ebay and have found lots of shoes and clothes on that darned site. No more shopping. My hubby has now told me that for every pair of shoes I buy, I must get rid of two. What's up with that?

  2. This is an awesome post!!! LOL!! Love the blouse with the red pants and your hair is gorgeous!

  3. I love that the thrifting gods have been good to you E! All that stuff for under $20? SCORE! xo

  4. I love the grey Tucker blouse with the red pants! I guess thrifting before big box store shopping paid off! Who am I to give advice, I would have done the same!!!!!

  5. LOVE the red rock em girl.
    And paired w that easy flowy top...perfection:)

    I had SO much fun w you yesterday..we have to do it again soon. I am so excited I got all my shower shopping done- weight lifted.

  6. oh wow i love the blouse, the movement is incredible. fabulous shape. the fabric makes it so sophisticated and the print makes it even more interesting

  7. lovely post! i like your red pants and bracelets!

  8. great post, love those red trousers!



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