Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bar None

Since we are friends, can I be honest with you?
For someone who is such a die hard shopper and who loves "stuff", I am probably the most quirky shopper you ever met.
I have actually mentioned here before that I have a hard time shopping in certain stores, because I am an aesthetic shopper.
I want things to look and be displayed beautifully and enticingly.
I cannot pluck through endless seas of racks and will avoid "sale pits" at all cost.

But that said, I am a die hard thrifter.
Yeah, that's where the quirky  comes in.

Since Macy's had their friends & family sale this weekend, I headed in to look at shoes.
I was surprised to find myself milling around the clothing because it is very hard for me to shop there.
 Then, while looking at Rachel Roy merchandise, I stumbled upon a brand I have never seen called Bar III.
This oversized button up is beyond swoon worthy in my book and of course I snatched it right up.
I also found the vest of my dreams and snatched that up too.
Bar III offered the trifecta I find myself drawn to time after time.

Macy's may have just earned themselves a regular shopper for this brand.
Despite their many merchandising opportunities.

As for Rachel Roy?
Don't worry...she got some love too.
I bought 2 pairs of her shoes.

oversized button up: bar III
leggings: ?
sandals: bandolino
bracelets: jcrew, express & misc.
earrings: vintage, thrifted
ring: limited


  1. I can't stand sales pits, either. That's one reason I never go to Ross -- the stores in my hometown are so disheveled! I am in love with this effortless look, though -- bar III, eh? I'm going to have to check them out!

  2. As a total lover of Rachel Roy I can appreciate why you committed the horror of all horrors and shopped at a department store (we all cave in every once in a while, no?)
    I have never heard....can't wait to see bar III- wear something to the party friday so I can touch and feel, lol.


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