Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bye Bye Baby ~ Hello, Big Girl!

The first order of business for Staycation 2011 was to wrap up the odds and ends of my daughter's bedroom redo.
She will be 9 in September and has been after us to get rid of the color palette she has had since her nursery.
Since she was also willing to purge her room of the majority of toys, how could I say no?
(You mean I can throw the damned stuffed animals away? Hallelujah!)

My daughter is exactly like I was at the same age.
She says, and I quote:
"I'm not a girly girl!"
No Sweetheart, you are not.
It was just last week you came home crying after trying to arm wrestle and outrun the boy down the street who is.in.middle.school.
You are constantly trying to kick your big brother's ass.
(no offense to him, but it's not that unfair of a match up ~ she's pretty tough!)
And I know if we had climbable trees in our yard, you would be hanging upside down from the branches of them.
Just like I did when I was your age.

So bye, bye to my baby girl:

the hummel was from my grandparents home.

my mom gave my daughter this angel and she keeps it right by her bed ~ always

the rocker was a 1st birthday gift ~ for me! it is going to live with my sweet niece instead of storage since i cannot get rid of this "family heirloom". my father in law also hand makes these rocking horses. this is going into storage until i have grandchildren to love it!

there is a mini closet in her room that i painted as a little playhouse for her complete with curtains and a mirror inside. she kept her dolls there and i hand painted this just outside the door. you know, because it's "outside"...

god bless my husband. i did not help him paint. yes, that makes him a saint.
 damn, i'm a poet and didn't even know it!

After poring over paint swatches for one we ladies could agree on (it's all about the compromise between us strong willed women.) We settled on Tantalizing Teal by Sherwin Williams.
After spending a fortune last go round on Pottery Barn bedding, I didn't argue when she insisted on this bedding from Target.
Now when the duvet is torn and missing buttons I won't get so cranky about it.

We fought over the window treatments.
She wants naked windows.
I enforced a valance.
No compromising on that one, I just pull rank.

Bedding might be from Target, but I squeezed in a Cynthia Rowley pillow!
She found it acceptable since it has a peace sign on it.

New frames and a bulletin board replaced the old.
Baby photos have been packed away and pictures of friends and the brother she loves to hate are proudly displayed.

She is a warm weather girl and adores the beach.
It is hard to get her out of a bathing suit all summer long, so it only made sense to give her room that same kind of vibe. 

Do you not swoon for those chairs?
Her clever mother snatched them before they were discarded at work.
Mannequins once sat on these!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad to see this transition.
Yet the new color palette is so fresh and clean and the room was in desparate need of a purge and clean out.
I absolutely love the way it came out!
Now, on occasion you can find me lying on the floor on that big flower pillow watching her tv.
Until she kicks me out.


  1. What a perfect room for a girl growing up. I would have loved it too. Counting down the days till you all come to Boston!

  2. Both your baby room and big girl rooms are PHENOMENAL!!! I really need your help. BAD. How do you put it all together?? I get so distracted and go off on WAY too many tangents. I dont' think I've ever had a cohesively decorated room--except my bedroom {which unfortunately doesn't have the closet space for my addiction}. LOL

    Really cool room. You are a very cool Mom :)

  3. What a transformation! I absolutely love the color and I would say you got rid of the "girly girl" feel! Hope she loves it....xo

  4. Truly amazing decorations : ) xxxx

  5. her room looks great, eleanor! what a wonderful mother you are. and i think it's so cool that we live such parallel lives. i hope my daughter and i have the same loving relationship that you and your daughter appear to have. :)

  6. You have great taste in clothes AND decor!!

    I love it! (and, when I have to redo my kids rooms into "big kid" rooms...I might cry!)


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