Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Deets

Full disclosure.
If you told me a few summers back that I would be rocking a maxi dress in the future I never would have believed you.
I am so vertically challenged that I have always shunned clothing I deemed inappropriate for someone of such small stature.
But something has changed my mind about some of my self professed fashion rules...I have been living more "outside my box" in the past year than ever before.
I know this sounds strange for someone who's hair has been every color under the sun and has been styled in everything from liberty spikes to dreadlocks to say she is dressing "outside the box".
For goodness sake, I used to put my clothes together with safety pins when I was in high school!
I guess I am just a complete contradiction of myself?

Aside from that, the lovely Amy from Kelinda Kelinda tagged my with a blog award and the request that I share 7 other facts about myself with you.
A little while back, my new IRL friend and fellow blogger Carly had tagged me too with the same request, so I have no choice now but to play by the rules and share these juicy little tidbits with you.

1. Having my son at 21 was a surprise. Even more surprising was that I had a really bad bum kidney and wouldn't have known if I hadn't gotten pregnant.
Especially since it would have killed me had it not been discovered.
In other words...everything happens for a reason.
When my son was 6 months old I had my left kidney removed and in it's place got a scar that pretty much wraps around my whole left side.
Yeah, it's hot.
I tell people it's a shark bite.

2. I could eat the same exact foods
And I pretty much do.
My breakfast alternates between 6 almond/cranberry/blueberry clusters or I have a brown rice cake with a tbsp of peanut butter and a handful of apple slices.
I could also eat tuna on a bed of lettuce with tomato and green olives every day for the rest of my life and I would never mind.

3. I am addicted to watching Hoarders and River Monsters.
 I will never stop loving House Hunters.
And I really wish Ina Garten would adopt me so we can cook together and I could live a glorious life in the Hamptons.

4. My husband and children hate to shop.
They all refuse to even buy their own clothing.
I am always amazed at men who stand by a fitting room waiting for their significant other to come out or trail around behind them carrying clothing and purses for them.
If I can even get my husband to the mall he would abandon me and be in the Apple store faster than you can say Jimmy Choo!

5. I am a baby person.
I have infinite patience for babies.
Bigger kids?
Not so much.
My patience is definitely more limited.
This poses a problem as my baby making days are long gone and my kids ARE bigger.
I find I just have less patience for grown humans in general....they should just know better.

6. I refuse to do Facebook.
I did MySpace about 6 years ago and had to delete myself when a guy I dated for 2 weeks in High School contacted me wanting to know why I broke up with him.
I graduated in 1992.
It was weird.

7. I was always the one who was going to live the glamorous life far away from home and after many years of traveling to various places around the globe ended up buying a house up the street from the one I grew up in.
So much for living in far off exotic places. 

dress: limited
necklace & denim jacket: old closet dive
sunglasses & sandals: banana republic
bracelets: here, there & everywhere


  1. LOVE, I mean LOVE the dress on you. The turquoise color is gorgeous I, too, am a bit petite at 5'1" so you can say I will never wear a maxi dress (okay, maybe I'll try one on one day). It's funny how similar we are re: FB. I do have an account but rarely go on it.

  2. Thanks for sharing all these tidbits Eleanor. And reading your first item on the list is really a reminder that everything does happen for a reason. It seems like your son may have saved your life! And btw, I would totally buy the shark bite story.

    I love seeing your styling of this maxi dress. I never thought I'd wear a maxi dress either, but I love mine! You definitely rock the look, petite stature or no.

    I'm sorry you weren't able to find the striped H&M dress in your size! I did notice that the stock on the yellow and white version was much lower. This dress is definitely skimpy without a tank underneath, and not at all conducive to undergarments!). I almost didn't buy it for that very reason, but so glad I did!

  3. Love this look. You look amazing. Amy copying this for my flight today. Chic and comfy. My two favorite things. :)

  4. Firstly you look beautiful in this maxi...contradiction or NOT!

    Second..I LOVE that alot of those tidbits I actually heard in person at our wonderful lunch the other week:)

    I can't wait for our next shopping excursion...SOON!
    PS..i am going out in Seaside Sat to KARMA none the less..OMG...i got my shortest, tightest sluttiest skirt and brushed the dust off. haha.

  5. I'm writing a post today about being baby person or not. I'm so not a baby person. So, are you still coming to be my live-in nanny???

  6. I almost laugh snorted a pretzel through my nose at "Yeah, it's hot. I tell people it's a shark bite."

    - Tessa


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