Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go With Your Gut

From the instant I walked into my home to view it the very first time, I knew the front door
I hated it.
To me, it did not suit a 60's era cape cod style house at all.

fall 2009

After replacing our steps and walkway last spring, it only made sense to seize the moment and rid myself of the door.
Since our entry is a long narrow hallway and the staircase is right at the front door (typical cape) a storm door was a must.
I need loads of natural light, and to be able to open the door all day and let the sunlight stream in is a dream come true.
I selected a black Pella storm door and special ordered a solid 4 panel door.
I always lean towards more traditional and classic, and the 4 panel was so much more appealing to me than the stock doors at our local home improvement store.

When I shared with people how we were changing out the door and was asked what color I was going to paint it, I confidently exclaimed:
More than one family member and friend started to question me why since my shutters are white and my house is red.
"Are you painting the shutters black too?" they asked.
"Well, don't you think it will look weird?"
"Not really."
"Hmmm." was the general response I received.

I am 100% a visual person.
I see the finished product in my head before I even begin it.
Same thing with outfits.
Same thing with decor.
I see the result right away.

I confess, with clothing it doesn't always work out.
Something might be ill~fitting, or not lay properly with another item.
But if pressed to give a percentage of the time that what I envisioned is a fail, I would have to say less than 25% of the time.
Same with decor.
I will place something, then pick it up and move it somewhere else.
Step back and move it again to yet another location.
But if pressed again, the fails are minimal compared to my personal satisfaction of assembling my "vision".

But I completely freaked out about the door.
Maybe it was because to paint over black is easier said than done.
Maybe because the door ended up delayed for a few weeks and I had too much time to think about it.
I always make up my mind and just do.
Instant gratification 100% of the way!
Fly by the seat of my pants!
Instead, I second guessed myself and selected a soft grey to balance the other colors involved.
Hubby painted it while I was away on business in September.
And I was never happy with it.
It was boring with a capital B.

I decided that on my staycation, I was going with my matter how many months later and painting it black.
And friends, I am in lovvvvvveeeeeeee!

looks fab with my black accessories and furnishings in the foyer!

now my window boxes just need to be planted...

i bought a nickel door knocker that just needs to be installed!

It is just the "pop" I have been looking for!
Dare I even say chic?
We know every girl needs a LBD...and all this girl needed was a Little Black Door to make her heart swoon!

And Honey?
Ummm...looks like the lawn needs a mowing.
Could you get on that please?
It makes my door not so hot.
Thanks Babe, you're the best.


  1. You have NO IDEA how jealous I am!!! I do not have that inner-vision at ALL. Things evolve with me...and with home decor it goes so very wrong!! ha ha!! I kind of think I have surrendered to "I'll just get and put in place whatever the catalog pic tells me to." But I always try to make things "mine." We have lived in Texas, California, Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois, and are probably moving this summer back east..we have license plates from all of these states and i KNOW there is a really cool decor project to be done with them, but I haven't figured it out yet. need to be my interior decorator!!! :)

  2. I love your black door. I love a front door with a pop. I saw a black dutch door door on a house once it's been in my mind ever since. Your door looks classic but modern. I am so envious! I wish I could something like that with our door. I probably could but the first thing it needs is some refinishing before a coat of paint could even be considered. Maybe a summer project!

  3. I love the contrasting colors of the red, white and black. Nice colors inside ad out. I'd like to think I'm visual, but when it comes to clothes, I sometimes blank out especially those mornings when I try 3 different outfits and nothing "feels" right.

  4. aw, you had me at "little black door" lol.
    Looks AWESOME! I love it- and would have never thought def have a knack for decor.
    I am great w outfits but w decor it is very trial and error for me...when we furnished our house from top to bottom two years ago (the furniture was easy- i can tell if I will like it or not) but the little touches are really hard for me. I would come home w bags and bags from home goods and go back return things that didn't work...good thing I was "nesting" and had nothing to do but hit up
    PS...there is a HUGE philadelphia estate/vintage thing called Clover Market...June 5th in ardmore...would you be game????

  5. Okay, holy awesome. What a difference that black door makes. You have quite and eye. I love it.

  6. I love the black door!!! So classy and beautiful!

  7. I think you need to come to my future house and decorate it for me because I lack inner vision. I have vague senses of what will and will not work, but most of the time my issue is with dimensions. Like, I'll think a coffee table is too big, but then realize that it's actually too small once I bring it home to test it out, haha! I almost bought a really small couch because I was convinced that my apartment living room was tiny, but luckily Boyfriend convinced me to go with a regular sized couch. When it was delivered, I was so happy I listened to him because any smaller and the couch would've looked ludicrous.

    I LOVE the Little Black Door. It's Americana, chic, and ever-so-slightly goth. I can't even explain!!

  8. I think your LBD (Little Black Door) is the most perfect addition to the front of the house! It really give the whole house some serious pizazz it! xo


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