Monday, May 2, 2011

Hunter & Prey

It all started with this $12.95 top from H&M.
I went into H&M to buy the infamous green and navy striped tee, and when I saw the unbelievably low price (but obvious questionable quality) I couldn't resist picking up this one too.
A day or so later, I was in JCrew and saw the citron pencil skirt.
I knew the two worn together would be like peas & carrots, milk & cookies, peanut butter & jelly...oh, you know what I mean!
 Too bad they were sold out of my size.
I tried to forget about the skirt, but it just kept nagging at me and I became increasingly obsessed with having it.
Like a hunter stealthily stalking it's prey, I began my search.
But it was sold out online.
And in 3 other NJ stores.
I was just about to give up completely when a sales associate suggested using the "red phone" and have the company locate me one.
As a 100% instant gratification girl, I slightly begrudgingly agreed.
When I want something, I hate to wait.

Unbelievably, I received an email an hour or two after submitting my request notifying me that they found one and were shipping it to me.
Within a week my coveted skirt arrived from Boise, Idaho.
Within a day I wore it.
Satisfaction achieved.

top: h&m
skirt: jcrew
heels: target
bangles: express, jcrew & misc
bracelets: h&m, express & misc
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. What a great mix, perfect for summer.
    I wish I could do confident pics like yours, I go rigid in front of the camera

  2. yes I want that skirt, the shape is amazing!! Love the combination with the stripes. The colors are so delicate, perfect with your snow white skin. The shoes are so great because of the nude straps

  3. Love this combination of color and I love the silohuette! Something about pencil skirts that are sooo sexy!

    Follow each other?

  4. Who knew something so glamorous could come out of Boise?!

    This is a great take on the color-blocking trend. :)

  5. You look GORGEOUS!! I want that skirt BAD...

  6. The skirt the skirt...I die! Amazing color and love the pencil shape on you! Brilliant. xo

  7. that pencil skirt looks amazing on you! I have that tee, too and for the price, it's a fun piece. I like it with that citron color...hmmmm...

  8. you shopped, you searched, you conquered...if that isn't an inspirational shopping story I don't know what is?

    Loving this color EXPLOSION! See you FRIDAY!!!
    I am SO excited to see you!!!

  9. looks beautiful!! i love that color combinations!!

  10. This is incredible. You look AMAZING in this, and I would've never thought to pair that top with that skirt. You're absolutely right, though -- it IS like milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly, and Chewbecca and Han Solo. It is MEANT TO BE! Can I borrow this entire look? ;)

  11. Wowzer -- this is one fantastic combination. I agree -- as perfect as peas and carrots, indeed. Your effort to stalk that skirt was well worth it!

    Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!


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