Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Never Really Gave Up On Breaking Out Of This Two Star Town...

I have spent most of my life dreaming of escaping the seaside hamlet I live in.

Don't get me wrong, I completely appreciate living mere moments from the ocean.
I love the fact that in about 2 hours I can be in the mountains snowboarding and skiing.
It is quite fortunate to be equal distance (about and hour) from both Philly and NYC, yet worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

It is unfortunate however, that to find quality shopping and dining usually means a minimal 45 minute drive away from here.
Fashionable in this town means owning the full line of Pink merchandise.
 You know think you've truly arrived if you bought a pair of  Uggs (real ones from a local surf shop and not Target) to wear with everything in your closet from shorts to leggings even in 70+ degree weather.
Hell, in 2011 it is not uncommon to spy the occasional mullet around here!

You can imagine my surprise then when I had plans to meet up with Carly on Thursday at a newer boutique over by the beach.
It is called The Podium and I arrived a few moments before Carly did.
I walked inside and my jaw literally hit the floor.
Dazzling cocktail dresses, superb swimwear, awe inspiring handbags and an overall vibe that is more Beverly Hills than Lavallette NJ.

How could such a place exist here?
Is this one of those unexplained mysteries like Bigfoot or UFO's???

My sheer amazement was obvious, and yet I was still in for 2 more big surprises.
After chatting with the stunning shop owner and Carly trying on a few fabulous dresses, we walked across the street for lunch to The Crab's Claw.
My husband and I used to love The Crab's Claw and went there often until a bad experience drove us away.
 10 years ago.

Besides having an absolute blast chatting and hanging out with Carly (this girl rocks!) I had a blackened salmon and veggie wrap that was out of this world!
So good in fact, that I have already informed hubs that it is time to give The Crab's Claw another try!
Surprise #2!

We finally pulled ourselves away from the table where the conversation flowed as quickly as the wine (fab Pinot Grigio!) to hit up a thrift store.
 After trying on an Armani gown and lime green shantung ankle pants, I walked out empty handed!
Surpise #3!

Wonders never cease do they?

in keeping with the "local" vibe i wore:
silky harem pants: ny&co
slouchy pocket tee: express (RUN and buy one on every color - a summer staple!)
sequin tank: express
necklaces: old, old ny&co
bracelets: jcrew & express


  1. I had SUCH a great time w you girl...YOU ROCK! Glad you liked Podium...Heading back there sometime this week to look for that cocktail dress I am on the search for.....

    Thanks so much for meeting me...we need to get something else on the calendar for sure:) Until than I will visit you through the blogosphere!

  2. I saw the Damned back in '89 or '90. God, they were good.

  3. Not only do the wonders never cease, the Killer's references never cease, either!

    I will be singing that line all day, now... but that's okay with me! :)

  4. What a fantastic blogger buddy meeting! Sounds like you guys found a truly wonderful place to do some shopping

    Your outfit looks so sophisticated and chic. I could never pull off harem pants, but you do so effortlessly. Love it!

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun! And a lot of good discoveries!

    You know Uggs are Australian, don't you? Not that I actually own a pair!


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