Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moody Blues

While there are few colors I actually abhor, if pressed to name my favorite I think it would have to be blue.
Royals, navy, denim, chambray, electric, baby....I love them all.
I can't get enough color this season.
This week alone I have been exploding with colorful outfits with no break from it anywhere close on the horizon.

I fall in love with most items at first sight.
When the garment catches my eye, I quickly snatch it in my size then clutch it to my chest and refrain from shouting:
Mine Mine Mine!
Such was the case with this skirt.
I already have the citron one (as worn here) and when I spied this color it was in my grubby paws within seconds.

And this new color JCrew made for the classic denim shirt?
Goodness knows I wear my darker version incessantly so it only made sense to buy this version as well.
Intervention needed?

shirt & skirt: jcrew
heels: coach
necklace & sunglasses: express
ring: jcrew
bracelets: here, there and everywhere


  1. The whole outfit looks great. Need to get a nude pair of sandals which is on top of my list.

  2. wow girl what a smashing necklace! i love it. fabulous with that summer blouse, the color is so perfect for summer and i love the fabric. you look fabulous girl

  3. I am loving the necklace! You look great :)

    xx Seph

  4. this is a great look! i really love your blouse + necklace xx

  5. love this outfit! and love David Gray! Haven't heard this song in a while...really brings me back... love it.

    and thanks for your very sweet comment... just found out I'm pregnant again... so I won't be looking like that for long... ha!

  6. I think I have that skirt! If not, I totally have one from J.Crew that's in a really similar shade. I never thought of wearing my chambray shirt with it. Thanks for the inspiration! Once I can actually GET INTO that skirt again, I am SO replicating this outfit.

  7. AWESOME necklace and love those tortoise frames....sooo cool!!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  8. Such a fantastic necklace, Eleanor. I am jealous. I love how you made this skirt feel a tad more casual with a denim shirt, and the mix of blues is great. You know, I spotted the yellow version of your pencil skirt in the Crew in Short Hills. I was so tempted....but I held out. I ended up getting a the yellow daisy pencil skirt from Talbots for free (with giftcards), so I guess I'll still get my yellow skirt fill!


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