Friday, May 27, 2011

Orange You Glad It's The Weekend?

I bought these orange pants from JCrew a few years back before this whole color explosion thing occurred.
It was swoon at first sight for me.
I remember wearing them and one of my girlfriends saying "Wow. Those are some pretty bright pants you have there."
You know they're bright when your friends say stuff like that.

But I love them anyway and I couldn't wait to bust them out again.
 This time around I paired them with an old boy's button up I may or may not have stolen from my son's closet.

I could complain and tell you all how I have to work every single day of this holiday weekend.
But since I write my own schedule, complaining wouldn't make any sense would it?
I must have just had a momentary lapse of reason.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!
Someone somewhere have at least one drink for me!

pants: jcrew
shirt: polo ralph lauren
necklace: express
glasses: catherine deneuve


  1. You know I'll make sure to have a drink for you!!

  2. I would imagine you working the holiday is one of the reasons your employees adore you. :)

    - Tessa

  3. great classic skirt + i am lovingggg orange jeans atm! xx

  4. That is such a fabulous pic dear! You look gorgeous with those glasses. Great colour of the trousers too. X

  5. LOVE that big funky necklace...and the orange pants too:)
    Bummer you had to work all weekend...I had LOTS of drinks for you Saturday night...still recovering, I think.
    I iwll email you this week about deets for Sunday.
    Have a great week.

  6. you had me at the orange pants and necklace. Need. Them. Both. Stunning E! xo


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