Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Purple People Eater

Once upon a time, long, long ago (in the early 90's!) there was a young mother of an adorable baby boy.
This young woman used to shun convention and march to her own drum.
On occasion, people would lean in to oogle at her sweet baby and they were oft surprised to see him wearing little buttons on his little jackets and coats that said things like "Die Barney Die".
Not everyone likes purple dinosaurs you know.

When I purchased my red pants, I picked up this divine little pair as well.
I admit that wearing them made me think of good ole Barney the dinosaur, Grape Ape and other purple creatures that once graced our television screens.

While I am truly dying to pair it with camel, I settled for this swingy Vera Wang number in lavender instead.
I seem to be lacking in the warm weather camel tops department.
Could that even be possible?
I love how these pants just skim my ankle...a perfect length for this time of year!
Or perhaps I am just so perfectly short that they hit me in just the right spot.
Either way, I felt like a perfectly purple panted people eater.
People eater only when cranky though.

pants: limited
top: vera wang, thrifted
jacket: ny&co
heels: coach
necklace: limited
bracelets: mix and match bangles from here there and everywhere!


  1. I love the different tones of purple here - and that swingy tunic with the baubly necklace is gorge!

  2. I love the purple! Your top looks so lovely + comfortable too as well as stylish!


  3. love the look...........top is so cute....love the necklace...beautiful


  4. Total rocking outfit! Pack that one for Boston for sure!!!

  5. i love coming to your blog...sometimes just to hear David. ;)
    but mostly to see you, my dear. and btw...i had no idea you had a tattoo!
    i will get those scarves to you, i promise. they are in my "to mail" pile.

  6. Oooo, swinging lavender top indeed! I love the tunic! The shorter jacket outside of it is divine as well. I find myself struggling to wear ankle-skimming pants -- they seem to stumpify me. Grrr... Maybe the kicky heels you have on are the key!

  7. PS. I gave you a little honor on my blog! Participate if you'd like! ^^


  8. Loving the stack of bangles paired with the necklace and lavender top. And if we lived close and I saw that button on your kids jacket we would become fast friends!! I knew I liked you right off the bat! lol. xo

  9. Such a classy look. I adore that jacket, and that necklace is sharp.

  10. LMBO! "yes my son is in therapy"

    - Tessa


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