Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Bank ~ A Walk Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time there was a little gift shop called The Threshold that was centrally located in a bustling riverside town.
A young woman worked in this gift shop that was owned her father.
A young man who worked in another shop a few doors away had noticed this beautiful woman and summoned up his courage to go in and ask her out on a date.

Welcome to Red Bank, NJ where that little shop was once owned by my grandfather and essentially, that is the story of how my parents met.

On Saturday, my husband and I took the kids there to window shop, have lunch and bask in the ambience that Red Bank provides.
I have spent a majority of my life in this area, both parents were raised in neighboring towns, I have worked in the area, even my brother in law hails from here!

The Threshold is long gone, and in it's place now stands an Urban Outfitters!

My 90 year old Grandfather would not quite understand why this is a pretty cool legacy, but that's ok!

Red Bank has a mini NYC vibe. Great architecture, fab shopping and delicious sidewalk bistros dot Broad St. the main thoroughfare.

Jack's Music Shoppe has been in Red Bank since I can remember and before even that!

My son loved Jack's!

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash comicbook store.
Owned by Kevin Smith, a local and the genius behind movies like Clerks and Mallrats.

Red Bank is about 40 minutes north of our home and since we had no timeframe or agenda, I asked the hubs to drive home along the ocean.

Privately owned decks dot the sea wall through towns like Monmouth Beach.

Almost every town has a private beach club or bathing pavilion.

Of course, driving along the shore calls for an ice cream stop!

Magnificient homes peek out from behind rows of immaculate hedges.

Into historic Asbury Park.

Convention Center which you catch a glimpse of in movies like The Wrestler.

Asbury has had its issues but has been revitalized in recent years.

There is nothing quite like living next door to the sea.

Further south we travel through towns like Spring Lake where the rich and fabulous (like Mary Higgins Clark) own homes.


  1. Woooooow, look at those homes! They look so... stately. I wonder what the insides look like? And the story of how your parents met is too adorable -- can you imagine them as lovestruck young adults?

    Sigh... I wish I lived next to the ocean and could jog along it...

  2. Beautiful. What a nice drive!! I miss being back east (I have family in NY and NJ).

  3. what an amazing story and such a quaint town! And...can we just talk about those homes for a hot minute?! WOWZAS!

  4. Thanks Eleanor for the walk down Memory Lane. It brought tears to my eyes and when I come up we will have to do it together.

  5. What a GREAT post. Red Bank is beyond and I never seem to go there much...why? My most recent trip was to see the Imagination Movers (Disney Jr.) at the Basie Theatre...I need to go back for some "adult" time of shopping, enjoying a glass of vino and maybe a night hotspot for sure.

  6. im a sucker for cute stories. Love the way your parents met, that is like the kind of book cliche that no one thinks exists.

  7. I have only been to Red Bank once, but I loved it. You're absolutely right that it does have an urban, NYC-type feeling. Very unique for a relatively small town.

    And I absolutely loved hearing the story of how your parents met. How sweet. You just can't make that stuff up!

  8. lol. i was surprised to come across my area on a fashion blog! i was just passing through from lisa's blog. we definitely have perks living by the beach! -j


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