Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boston Day One

Last Thursday, I dropped the dogs off to the kennel and packed up our suitcases for a quick getaway to Boston.
For weeks and weeks we have been looking forward to this long weekend.
True New Englanders at heart, we have spent most of our time in Maine but have always wanted to explore Beantown.
After hitting dreadful traffic through New York and Connecticut that put us over 2 hours off our ETA (I'm looking at YOU George Washington Bridge!!!!), we finally arrived in Back Bay.
The eldest of my two brothers was waiting for us, having arrived on time with no delays.

We were more than a little frustrated after dealing with the traffic and a carsick kiddo, but within the first 15 minutes of arriving we happened bumped into Adam Sandler and his wife right outside the hotel!
He was incredibly gracious and just as adorable in person as he is on screen ~ an unbelievable encounter!
I took this as a sign that the rest of the weekend would be amazing and I wasn't wrong.

Since we couldn't get into our rooms we hopped a cab to one of the places on the boys must see list.

It was jammed and we would have had to wait almost 2 hours to catch a tour. This wasn't an option as the boys had tickets to Fenway for an evening game and Ryan and I had plans to meet up with a fellow blogger.
 We decided to do what all true Irish folk do.
 Head to the nearest Irish pub.

streetstyle hubby

Doyle's in Jamaica Plain.

Of course we still had to have some Sam.

Doyle's was charming, albeit busy!
Since the brewery runs a trolley back and forth to the pub the place was hopping!
After a few beers and some munchies it was back to the hotel!

Over a year ago I was reading on Judy Aldridge's blog Atlantis Home about an American blogger she met in Europe.
I linked over to this blog and discovered Sarah Winchester the amazing woman who shares my love for Maine and happens to have a sister who lives in the same charming town we had fallen in love with years ago. This is the town we would realistically want to buy a home if a move there is in our future.
Since then, we have bantered back and forth forging a "virtual friendship".

I had been looking forward to this meet up for weeks, for me, this was to be the highlight of the weekend!
Sarah made reservations at a hip new restaurant called The Red Lantern where we enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal (even my finicky daughter enjoyed it!) and fabulous conversation.
After dinner we walked over to Newbury Street to soak in the atmosphere and have a little dessert at Ben & Jerry's.
We had Ryan take some photos of us.

And Sarah even let Ryan try out her big SLR!
I was so nervous that she was going to drop it and I would be buying Sarah a new one, which means I'd be stuck with my little CoolPix forever!
But Ryan handled it like a champ (much to my relief)!
To see Sarah's take on the night hop on over to her fabulous blog where you can also see the results of Ryan's handiwork!

As for me, I felt sheepish breaking out my little dinky camera in the presence of a professional photographer with her professional camera.
Thus, those are my only two photos of the night!

I could wax poetic for an eternity about how much I value these friendships I have built online and how positive and supportive this blogging community is, but for now I will simply say that meeting Sarah after such a long time was better than I ever could have imagined!
She is simply an amazingly talented, beautiful and gracious woman and I am very fortunate to consider her my friend.
It's funny how fate works, huh?

Afte our goodbyes it was back to the hotel where Ryan and I found an awesome surprise:

Talk about VIP treatment!
We have a friend with some clout in the industry who was behind this lovely thank you to that special lady too for making this an evening to remember! ;)


  1. Looks like such a fun time, my hubs would so like to visit Sam's place there.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    June giveaway

  2. Are you sure that's not a picture of your husband's, "I'm pissed I can't go on a beer tour" face? I'm familiar with that look. I see it often when the lines are long at the Miller Brewery tour ;-)

    hee hee

    Your girls night out look sounds like it was FABULOUS!

  3. Oh man, I'm not surprised that the Samuel Adams beer tour was crazy packed. It always is! If you ever come down to Houston, you can take your guy to tour our Saint Arnolds brewery -- very cool, and lots of free beer!

    Hooray for a bloggy meet up, and I'm glad that you guys had fun! I've yet to meet a blogger in person, but someday, haha! I always worry that they'll be disappointed by how boring I am in real life, but that's neither here nor there.

  4. What an absolute blast! And Ryan has some serious camera skills..I'm impressed!! xo

  5. This sounds like such a fantastic trip. How fun that you had a meet up with a fellow blogger : ). And Ryan did a great job with the SLR. Color me impressed!

    And you got to meet Adam Sandler??? Amazing! I watched "Just Go with It" last night and was reminded how much I like him. Such a sweet movie...


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