Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Shadow

After working all 4 days of the holiday weekend I was relieved to have had yesterday off.
My to do list was extremely long, my laundry piles mountainous, and do you even know what my house looks like after my family is all off from school/work unsupervised by me?
Yeah. You can imagine.
Then a little girl who shall remain nameless but is otherwise known as my daughter, decided to gorge herself on italian ices, oreos, cookies, cupcakes and watermelon on Monday. 
She woke me up at 2am with a major tummy ache that took a turn for the worst.
Despite her feeling better when she woke up later that morning, I kept her home from school as a precautionary measure and now had a tagalong on all my errands.
While I love every moment I get to spend with her, it is difficult to buzz in and out of stores with a little person who:
1. hates to shop
2. wants me to buy her everything she sees which ranged from wedges that her father would die if he saw her wearing ~ too grown up!
 To a Katy Perry cd (but Mama, I loooooove Katy Perry!)
 To new Pokemon toys she spied in the toy aisle (Oh, Pokemon toys!!!)
To a pack of Legos she spotted by the pharmacy (Puh~leeeeeze Mama???)
To the trinkets in the check out lane....I don't think I have said No! that much in years.
3. asks a million questions about everything and anything.
Mom, do you believe in Bigfoot?
Mom, have you ever seen the Loch Ness Monster?
Mom, do you like dinosaurs?
(Mama's brain hurts right now....can we be quiet for a few minutes?) 
When we ran into the butcher shop and saw an old friend of mine from high school and I introduced her to him, she just stood there and gave him the stink eye.
He laughed and said, "Don't worry I'm not the truant officer!"
She was not amused.
When we got in the car the grilling began:
"Was he your boyfriend?"
"Did you like him?"
"No, not like that! We were just friends!"
"Good friends?"
"Just friends for pete's sake!"
"Why does he have so many tattoos?"
"Don't you remember Mommy used to have crazy hair and wear her nose ring?"
"Was he a rock star too?"

The puppy had an "interview" at the kennel we use since she has never been boarded before and my daughter might just have talked more to the lady than I did.

At the farm market I needed to buy another flat of flowers to add to my backyard border but the greenhouses were too hot for her, she chased a bunny she spied on the gravel path and then redeemed herself by helping me shuck corn on the cob.

I had had sandwiches made for us at the butcher shop for lunch so we had a quick, impromptu picnic in the parking lot of a local state park. (We tried the beach first, but it is after Memorial Day here now and the beach was packed!)

By the time we got home, I realized much of my to do list was going to go undone, and I quickly scrambled to reprioritize.

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you were quite busy this weekend. Your daughter is adorable and I have a good friend who has a daughter her age. I remember her as a little baby and now she's a grown up 9 year old. Does time really go by that fast?

  2. oh man...t-r-o-u-b-l-e. you're in trouble.

    and now i will go pray that my little mini me will be nothing like me. ;) otherwise, IIIIII will be in trouble. hee hee


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