Friday, June 3, 2011


I spied this dress out of the corner of my eye a month or so ago.
I should have pretended I didn't see it, but like the siren's song, I was helplessly lured to it.
The silhouette and print are so timeless that I justified making the purchase in about 1.2 seconds.
I made myself feel less guilty by thinking things like, "Self, if it doesn't fit you absolutely amazingly you will just return it."
"Every girl should have classics like this in her wardrobe."
"I don't have an animal print dress."
I quickly squashed the little voice of reason that kept piping up saying:
"You need another dress like you need a hole in your head!"
"You're out of hangers Eleanor!"
"How many other things have you bought recently?"
And I still bought it.
When do I ever listen to you anyway Reasoning?

When I got home and slipped it on I discovered it fit like a glove.
In all the right ways.
Of course it did.

dress: calvin klein
heels: nine west
bracelets: jcrew, express & other assorted
ring: express
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. Nice to know you hear and ignore those voices, too!

    The dress fits like it was made for you!

  2. I'm so glad you got it! You are stunning!!! I love this dress on you!

  3. You're right, who listens to Reason when it comes to fashion? ;o) This is a great purchase - you look stunning! The print makes this piece stand out, but in a classic way.

  4. Reason? Who/What is that?
    Love it..and yes it does fit like a glove...

    I was in my closet deciding what to wear to our excursion on Sunday...sadly I plan that far in advance..its a disease, lol. Plus i know we will be snapping pics left and right:)

    See you at 10am sista!

  5. Awesome dress, as usual.

  6. That was me as anonymous. I accidently hit the wrong button.

  7. It's fabulous & fits perfectly - who could as for more?? Happy Weekend!

  8. Such a classic. I love it. You know I am totally going to photograph your outfit the Friday we go out in Boston. I can't wait to see what you choose :)

  9. Love the dress, super chic! Great Calvin Klein piece, timeless.


  10. Holy moly girl you are fire sauce! HOT! love this dress...xo

  11. Love, love love this dress. It looks fantastic on you -- I agree that the fit is supreme. Sheath styles are just made for you!


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