Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Crasher

My brother is spending this week at a beach rental in Cape May, NJ.
He heard I was off on Monday and he invited me to come spend a day. got a call from me telling him I was off on Monday, and would he mind me coming down to spend the day on the beach with him?
He lives in the upper north west corner of NJ, right on the cusp of New York.
That means it took him almost 4 hours on Saturday to get all the way to Cape May which is the southern most tip of the state and runs a ferry that you can actually take over to Delaware.
I, on the other hand, living where I do seem to be so centrally located that it takes me only an hour to get anywhere.
New York?
1 hour.
1 hour.
Cape May?
Yup, you guessed it, 1 hour.

See up in the top left where it says Sussex?
That's where he lives.
See over on the right about mid way down...right on the shore where it says Toms River?
That's where I live.
Then look all the way down to the bottom and you will see Cape May.
(My computer skills are so rudimentary that I do not know how to draw fancy lines and circle things on pictures. I apologize)

Cape May is a relic of the Victorian age, full of history and charm.
It also has beaches rated in the nation's Top 10 by the Travel Channel.
What I lack in computer skills I make up for with useless knowledge.

We layed on the beach for hours....and if you follow me on Twitter you saw the results of all that sun exposure.

Took a break around lunch time to grab some grub.
Cape May has some very good eats down there.
We opted for Hot Dog Tommy's upon some recommendations.

When you see lines like this, you know it's a good sign!

There are very specific ordering instructions.
I feared a Seinfeld moment if I screwed up.

Hot Dog Tommy of course.

I am ashamed to admit I ate this Texas Tommy. A hot dog smothered in cheddar cheese and topped with a slice of bacon the same size as the hot dog.
A heart attack in a bun.
But you know what?

Spotted this on the wall of another building that was featured on Diners,Drive Ins and Dives.
If this doesn't prove there are some good eats around here, I don't know what does!

We headed back to the house after some more sunbathing to shower, change and walk down to the mall.
An open air shopping center for foot traffic only.

Gorgeous historic homes along the way.

As American as apple pie.

The street lamps are still operated by gas.
So pretty at night!

Horse drawn carriages are not an uncommon sight down any side street.

Fralinger's has been around since the 1880's.
Besides salt water taffy they make delicious fudge and I may or may not have stocked up on some candy cigarettes there too.
The shops have such a great historic vibe to them.

The view from the roof top deck of the rental house.
That's Cape May Lighthouse off in the distance. 

I headed home around dinner time to feed the dogs and the hungry husband even though I was asked to stay.
I politely declined as I didn't want to overstay my welcome.
I have 2 more days off this week and I might just want to come back.....

The End.
Or is it????


  1. Love those old victorians. Hope you're doing well!

  2. Looks lovely! I hope you're enjoying (surviving) the weeks sans kids. xx

  3. The town looks so fun! I love historic areas.

  4. Great post! I spent two weeks in Cape May every summer when I was growing up in South Jersey. Your photos really brought back some great memories. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love Cape May! I live just outside of AC but make it down there as much as possible. Hubs is in the Coast Guard and the adult bevs are very inexpensive on base. If you go down again, stop in Somers Point @ the custard hut, you won't regret it!!

  6. Love these posts about NJ! I had to laugh when I read the bit about being located one-hour from everything. I live in Westfield and feel like it takes me 52 minutes to get everywhere (except Philly, of course!). 52 minutes from Westfield train station to NYPenn. 52 minutes to my office in Princeton (if there isn't any traffic and all the lights are green!), my BFF's house in Old Bridge, my favorite shore point (Ocean Grove), and the outlets at Tinton Falls.

    I STILL haven't been to Cape May, but this post has convinced me to move it to the top of my list!

  7. oh my that looks like the most quaint and beautiful little beach town!! How can one resist?! Hope you get to go back! xo

  8. Sad we haven't met up this week...boo,
    But it looks like you have had some amazing family time (sans kids) and some R & R...which is always much needed.
    Hubs and I are braving the crowds and heat and going out in Seaside tonight...should be fun- entertaining to say the least.

    Cape May is beautiful...and YES hour to get everywhere....isn't it grand!!!!

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