Saturday, August 13, 2011

Columbus Flea

I have always loved rummaging through flea markets and yard sales.
As a child growing up on a fairly busy road at the junction between two other streets, I would anxiously look for signs to be posted telling me which families in my neighborhood would be having a yard sale that upcoming weekend.
I would hop on my bike and go digging through the unwanted piles uncovering childhood treasures.
Star Wars action figures for my brothers, Barbies, doll always seemed the possibilities were endless.
Fast forward to adulthood and the thrill of the hunt remains the same.
My children's bathroom has old wooden boardwalk signs I uncovered in the early 90's at a flea market here in NJ a good distance away from any boardwalk.
One of my favorite end tables was found at a yard sale almost 20 years ago and refinished to suit my decor.

As the painting winded down and it was time to begin reassembling our family room I decided to omit a shelf that held random framed photographs and suggested we head off to Columbus Flea Market in Burlington County, NJ on Thursday morning to see what treasures were to be had.

An hour's drive from my home, I have been going to Columbus off and on for most of my adult life.

Amish families run a bakery, butcher, cafe, and wooden crafts shop inside the main building.
They also have a counter where they sell hot pretzels which is always the first stop on the way in.
Those pretzels are divine!

Tables are packed with a mixture of trash and treasure.
You never know what you will find!

Within the past 10 years, I have started collecting vintage cameras.
Working, is my adoration of the art of photography and the uber cool vibe they exude as a decorative item that makes them so appealing to me.
My collection has been quite small as my flea marketing has been minimal in recent years.
The ones I do own though are proudly displayed on shelving in our family room fitting right in alongside framed vintage Guiness beer posters and a set of framed original Beatles albums.

I had no idea on Thursday that I was about to strike the motherload of cameras to add to my collection.
I bought 9!
Five were purchased from one vendor and the remaining four from another, both eager to offload their entire lots at once.
In the past, I have paid $10-$20 a camera and on Thursday, after some wheeling and dealing, bought all 9 for roughly $35!

Once home and wiped down they fit into my empty shelf perfectly.


Now that my collection has reached substantial numbers, don't think I am through aquiring them.
I know there are plenty more out there just waiting to be found.


  1. what a find! Holy cow! I miss going to flea markets. We use to go quite regularly but then our schedules got so busy on weekends that we ended up missing some of the best ones and then we just stopped looking. You've inspired me to return! I love looking and touching all of the old trinkets, wondering where they came from and who held them last--aside from the sometimes creepy vendors ;-)

  2. What an incredible day out, there is really nothing like that at all here.
    Oh and pretzels - heaven!

  3. awesome! every time i find an (affordable) vintage camera... i just can't not buy it! I have one I got for 5$ with an extra lens and external flash... I need to bring it to a camera shop to see if it works cuz I am so in love with it!

    35$ for 9... holy macaroni, good deal!

  4. such a neat/unique collection you now have...I wish I had an affinity to something....other than clothes, bags and shoes....I don't have that one odd thing that makes me swoon...
    oh well..maybe one day the item will find/inspire and speak to me.
    Hope we are getting together soon.


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