Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Falling For Fall {JCrew}

Around mid August I find it hard to even think of putting a bathing suit on, I start craving all things braised and roasted, and begin counting down the days til Labor Day when it will finally be acceptable to pack away the coral and seashells and fill my home with the warmth of fall.
Since it makes no sense to braise and roast in the heat, and Labor Day is still a few weeks away, I have begun to fulfill my fall fixation with a wee bit of a shopping spree at JCrew.
Once again, I cannot resist their newest offerings...and will soon be counting down the days until those rewards points come!

The Tippi sweater was worn immediately upon it's arrival...

The cafe capri in blue and this turtleneck are soooo being worn with my vintage camel blazer...they are both waitlisted...I am also counting down the days until they arrive!

Why, yes please!

These CeCe ballet flats have been worn almost every single day since I bought them...and I am head over heels in love!

What fall items have you reaching for your wallet?


  1. Wish we had j crew over here.Can't wait to wear boots again!

  2. I can't even THINK of Fall...it is going to be 115 degrees here today...


    I love Fall too. My favorite "clothing" time of year.

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  5. Thats true , the weather conditions after august are very cool, i like this type of climatic nature . As in pics i appreciates the designing and the look of clothes. I like all the cloth pics. specially first one.


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