Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Hometown

Last Thursday night my daughter attended her friend's birthday party.
It was held just over the bridge at the boardwalk.

For almost 30 years I have lived on the other side of the bridge from the town MTV has made so famous.
And yet I have scarcely gone there for all the reasons you watch weekly on MTV.

Then, this summer with the children away, the husband and I found ourselves spending every.single.Saturday.night going from bar to bar and consuming more alcohol than two people our age should.
(Until the following morning.Brutal. )

Thursday night, the kids were given bracelets that afforded them all the rides they could stomach until 9:30 pm.
When hubs phoned on his way home from work I suggested he meet us there.
We would grab some pizza and let Ryan indulge herself until her bracelet expired.

At first she wasn't so sure about these rides.

Is it too late to change my mind Mom?

First rollercoaster

Glow jewelry is mandatory dress code.

Not sure who liked the bumper cars more...Daddy or Ryan?

We skipped this one.

We had so much fun!
I realized how sheltered my children have been from Seaside when Ryan started crying when we told her it was time to leave.
A mixture of adrenalin, exhaustion, and simply not wanting the fun to end.
Hubs kept saying "We only live a few minutes away...you can come back here anytime!"
But she didn't understand this concept because she has never been there.
She was terrified that once we left, she would never be back.

We waved goodbye to Daddy as he headed off to his car then I suggested we play some games at the stands before leaving ourselves.
The tears disappeared immediately and we marched proudly into the house an hour later arms laden with all sorts of stuffed animals.

Although indulging her this way was probably not the best form of parenting, sometimes we need to break all the rules.
And if you think I was the hero then, wait until I tell her that we are going again this afternoon with my childhood best friend and her daughters.


  1. I completely agree...sometimes it's all about breaking the rules!! Looks like you guys had a blast! xo

  2. oh how fun!! I loved that you two stayed behind to play some games.

    Sometimes we forget what's right in our backyard. And leave it to a little one to remind us!! And then not let us forget again!!! :)

  3. So did you guys go to Coney Island? Sounds like you and hubby had a blast together. It's nice that you had alone time together.

  4. sam's parents have a place near seaside so we spend a lot of time down there too - i LOVE it! we haven't gone on any of the rides or anything, but we spend plenty of time fishing and hanging out on the beach. the thrift store i'm always mentioning is right around there somewhere - http://www.atomiccds.com/. it's kind of a cd/record/costume/thrift store, but the prices are great and i've made some of my best finds there.

    what a beautiful daughter you have! xo audrey

  5. Isn't it SO true- I have only taken Connor to the point boardwalk once in his two years of existence and honestly that is the first time I had been since my childhood....although the worst is portrayed on TV...there is still a TON of magic at the Jersey Shore:)


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