Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Room By Room

Being a working mom who keeps crazy retail hours, I always feel like I am chasing my tail when it comes to keeping house.
The husband and I are officially on "staycation" this week and after taking the weekend off, yesterday we had to buckle down and tend to some housework.
Our family room and home office need to be repainted because we have new furniture being delivered on Saturday.
My husband agreed to donate his chocolate brown leather recliner to the family room and I decided the area rugs in the two rooms need to be swapped.
Thus the two room redo.

Since I never feel like the house is 100% clean, the laundry 100% done, and all other chores 100% complete, the thought of tearing the house apart has me feeling anything but excited.
I know the light at the end of this tunnel means I finally get my custom sectional from Pottery Barn...and my 11 year old sofa set that has seen better days, hits the curb for trash pickup.
But I am still dragging my feet and even threw a 2yr old hissy fit (complete with foot stomping) at my husband yesterday.
Sometimes I am mature like that.

So the dismantling began.

And my formal living room is now a holding tank for everything from the family room.

Some people love all the chaos. They are having a blast dancing around on the about to be discarded furnishings.

Over the weekend toss pillows were selected and purchased as well as new decorative accents.

Some people also find painting fun.
I do not.

Booty shakin' paintin'

And lest I forget the patron saint of painting....hubby.

Aside from the house being in total disarray, I really love all the decorative elements we have had in our family room for the past 5 1/2 years which made taking it all down even worse.
My antique camera collection, framed Beatles albums, and my vintage Guiness posters are all going right back on the walls where they were.
My new paint color is only 1 shade lighter than the existing one.
I told you I liked things the way they were.

But new furniture deserves fresh paint, and I cannot wait until Saturday night to sit on my new sofa in my new/old room.
If I can make it to Saturday.


  1. New furniture!!!! Fun!!

    I hate painting too. It is cool for about 10 seconds- then it is just a pain. I am jealous that you are getting a big sectional! I want one too.

    And...side note. I LOVE YOUR WOOD FLOORS!!!!!! Seriously. I am in love.

  2. I love getting ready for new furniture! I agree, a fresh coat of paint is a must. I love painting but not the prep of washing walls and taping. Once that's done, I'll take over.

    I can't wait to see your completed room. It will be worth it!

  3. Cannot wait to see the final product. We are moving next week and I am half excited to purge and half overwhelmed. Need to make room :)


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