Friday, September 23, 2011

Accepting The Inevitable

As the harsh realization that I am slowly becoming blind as a bat sinks in, I have been more adventurous and wearing my glasses in public more often.
I wear them 24/7 in the privacy of my own home, but only wear them out if they "work" with whatever it is I am wearing.
It's funny how different the world looks when your face isn't contorted into some kind of crazy squinting expression as you strain to see.

P.S. Contacts are no good. Touching my eye gives me the willies.

blazer: nicked from my son's closet
shirt: jcrew
glasses: catherine deneuve


  1. I like your glasses and they look good on.

  2. Your glasses look great!Must head to our local specsavers myself for an eyetest.I am forever putting it off!!

  3. ME TOO!! ok, first of all you are ridiculously beautiful in those glasses!! I don't really like to wear mine unless I'm driving, but when I wear them out and about they are well received. The worst is when it's rainy/humid and they fog up! I hate contacts too...

  4. glasses aren't so bad....I wear them everyday. :)


  5. I do exactly the same, wear glasses at home and at work, in front of the computer, but hate wearing them outside. And seriously thinking about getting lenses.

    THank you for your visit and lovely comment!!!


  6. I think your glasses look great on you! You shouldn't worry about wearing them at all!

    -Laura xox

  7. I think you look fantastic in your glasses! My BF got some glasses to wear at night while driving - they are his first glasses ever and he hates the idea of wearing them, but it is hilarious to see how amazed he is at his good vision when he does!

  8. Gorgeous post & a stunning, stunning blog. Love what you're doing!
    (& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


  9. You look like Demi Moore but in blond ! you look amazing pretty with your glasses ! x


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