Thursday, September 8, 2011

Full Disclosure ~ Where Do We Go From Here?

One of the best parts of blogging is that you are essentially keeping a diary.
As a young girl, I always kept a diary filling it with childish scribes about my latest crushes, my BFF's or the nasty girls at school I detested. 
This blog has been my adult diary of my personal style with highlights of my life added in here and there.

September 1st came and went quietly but it marked the 2 year anniversary of this blog.
I tweeted about the occasion but have had no desire to write much here lately.
In fact, I have little desire to do many of the things I enjoy doing.
Except shop.
Which, when I am unhappy I do in spades.

I said it. 
I am quite unhappy.
No worries, my marriage is solid and my children are great.
 I couldn't adore them all more.
Realistically, that is all that should matter anyway.
What is making me unhappy is how the outside world has been impacting me and getting in the way of the things I most value.
My time and my life.
And so I shop.

It is a momentary thrill, a rush.
Much like what I suppose an addict experiences when they succumb to the siren's song to find their high.
When I feel content, I can bypass gorgeous shop windows and beautifully appointed displays.
I need nothing but the high of happiness.

I know filling my closets with stuff will never fill the void of satisfaction I am seeking.
This blog was created as an effort to stop the madness of buying the "next great thing" which, in my line of work, arrives at the back door daily, and make good use of the things I already have.
All while still indulging my passion for fashion.

Decisions need to be made and risks must be taken.
Excess spending does not fit into the picture of the future I am currently holding.

Of course, I will never be able to cease indulging my love for shopping and "stuff".
I just no longer need to open my closet (s) and see items I bought on whim and wonder why I needed it so bad in the first place.

This fall I compiled myself a list of "must haves" for the upcoming season to keep myself on track.
This leopard clutch was one of them.
As was the red blazer.
Both timeless and completely necessary right now.

A few things linger, like a heeled loafer, and black lace pumps.
And with much remorse I am grieving the stacked heel knee high boots I donated last year because I wasn't "feeling" stacked heels last fall.
But such is the cycle of fashion, and I look forward to getting back to the basics on which this blog was founded and fill my closet with love.
Not impulse.
And in turn, regain everything that is missing in my life right now.

blazer: limited
oxford shirt: jcrew
jeans, heels, clutch and bracelet: express


  1. It's funny you mention shopping to fill a void. I do it all the time but unfortunately I can't splurge on expensive things...okay except a brand new bike (at a very BIG price and will have to touch my savings). So now I know won't shop needlessly for quite a while especially with since Fall is on its way. Sorry you're down. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Fall always seems to bring out a reflective time on me too. I hope you fell better as well and find the best way to solve, resolve or work with what it making you unhappy. Oh and the red, leopard and denim look amazing together!

  3. Sorry you are not happy! I can relate. All I want is some quality family time and life gets in the way. I hope you get back to a happy place soon!

    This is one of my favorite looks! Nothing like some great animal print!

    (and I TOTALLY shop when I am unhappy. Bad part? Quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mom leaves much less in the budget for retail therapy. oh. sad.)

  4. Hope you get back on track!I go through periods like that also.Thankfully talking to a good friend helps.Love the clutch and shoes!!

  5. I have gone through the same experiences you are describing. I hope that you find your happy again :) I know you will.

    I can totally relate to overshopping. I've learned that I do not leave the shop with a bag every time. It's a hard lesson, but every time I accomplish it, I feel better.

    You look amazing in this ensemble. I would imagine in your line of work it's hard to resist the new things showing up on the floor and if you can combine it with a discount, it's even worse!!! But you have shown such a great eye for thrifting chic looks and your closet seems like a great source of inspiration that I know you can face the challenge of spending less.

  6. Love your red blazer! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my red blazer :) Leopard is one of my favorites to add to red, so I just love this whole outfit.

    Sorry you are unhappy! I actually shop when I am unhappy or bored too. I've gotten better about it. Instead of shopping I try to play a game with the kids, clean, organize, or just get outside. It really helps! Have a great weekend :)

  7. Love leopard on leopard! Easily my FAVE combo this season :D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  8. I have a pair of lace black pumps by Steve Madden languishing never worn - are you a size 6.5 by chance?

    - Tessa

  9. I know this feeling very well... and I always know I'm happiest when I feel no desire to go anywhere near a shop.

    I wrote an article about it back in february:

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, and good luck getting back to basics!

  10. Leopard, red and white is such a great mix - I really love your bag!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. Oh honey, I wish I could give you a big hug. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Maybe a trip to the otherside of the world would lift your mood?? xxxoooxxx

  12. Wow. I love your honesty. It's exactly how I feel and why I shop too. It's also why I started my fashion blog (forever in blue jeans). To keep "track" of what I already have to keep myself from buying more. It's working somewhat.

  13. OK...this outfit is FABULOUS! Love it...not loving your unhappiness however:(
    That clutch would cure any bad day for me.


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