Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hindsight Now

I am a firm believer that everything in this modern world is too rushed...Christmas decor all over shops and it isn't even Halloween yet, after Halloween the Christmas music begins in most stores and we still have Thanksgiving to make it through!
  The SS 12 shows are already but a distant memory now and we haven't even started wearing our Fall Winter 11 looks yet!
All of this just leaves my head spinning!

However, if we look to the bright side of it, or if you're just a glass half full type, this jumping the gun nonsense can really pay off.
Now I can zoom over to and scroll through my favorite designers and get a glimpse of our sartorial future.
As I pack away the spring/summer clothing and sort & purge, I thought I should really take a look at the runway shows for SS 12 and see what items will still be relevant.
My editing will be on point.
There will be bargains on items that may be frugal to purchase for next year.
And as I roam through thrift stores and consignment shops I will have already decided on my needs for next season.

These are my favorite looks from the JCrew SS12 runway.
Seeing the white sequin jacket made me squeal with delight since I already own this amazing vintage one!

What is your take on the future happening in the present?


  1. My older daughter and I were discussing this the other night.Great to find lovely pieces now that will take you right into a new season.

  2. this collection is just perfect...I will take one of everything please! xo

  3. Love love love. I just love it so much! I want every single piece down to the details, except, I'll also take a bra!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  4. Mixing a stripe with a print is something I find myself doing almost daily. I am loving this right now! xx

  5. It's worse here because we don't have Thanksgiving, they are rolling out the Christmas displays already , arrgh!

  6. I love all the preppy and quirky items here in this post!



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