Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mix It ~ Match It

Pinstripes and plaid?
Yes please!
Big Baubles?
Of course!

jacket & jeans & earrings: express
button up: jcrew
necklace: limited
watch: citizen
bracelet: tiffanys


  1. I need to borrow some of you outfits. :)

  2. ...your outfits.... ugh, can't spell.

  3. Wouldn't have thought of putting them together but now that I see the photo it looks fab!Have a great weekend!!

  4. oooh, LOVE this look...mixing prints is a FAV that I need to do more often.
    As for thrifting...YES please.
    Candidly I am super busy...this "box" service where I ship clients clothing from boutiques I work with is taking off...i am sending more boxes out than I ever anticipated...all good things...but craziness for sure.
    Lets get a date on the calendar, want to hear how NYC was.

  5. the baubles are fab.

    i somehow don't own a single blazer, and that's starting to feel like a huge problem. you look great!


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