Thursday, October 20, 2011

All I Need

This morning as I dressed and found myself throwing on, yet again, the same exact pair of jeans I have been wearing almost every single day for weeks now.
 I consciously thought to myself, "All I really need is this one pair of jeans."

Yet my closet is stuffed with close to 30 pairs.
Once upon a time this never bothered me.
Now I find it actually embarrassing. 

I bought this skinny pair over the summer because I "needed" a pair to roll up just like this to wear with heels.
In the meantime, I have also tucked them into boots and worn them uncuffed with ballet flats.
A true multipurpose pair of jeans.

Still the closet is brimming with boot cut, barely boot cut, jean leggings, and flares in all different washes and stages of destroy.
Yet I grab the same pair over and over again

Last night I couldn't sleep and found myself watching Extreme Couponing.
I've seen bits and pieces of the show but never really watched an entire episode.
At first I felt sheer amazement at the huge amounts of money these people save.
Then as episode after episode played out I became more and more disillusioned.
Why in the world would you WANT 47 bottles of mustard?
Or 250 boxes of rice?

Or 30 pairs of jeans?

This new chapter of my life means my days of mass consumption are gone.
Other than rewards I previously earned from my favorite places to shop, or being gifted, there will be nothing new finding a home in my closet.
That is what made deciding what to spend our rewards to Pottery Barn on so hard.
It is no longer within my thought pattern to continue to buy more of the "same" kinds of stuff.

Truthfully, I am more than ok with that.
In fact, I spent my last few weeks working returning purchases I had recently made that deserved no justification.
Sure, it was hard to part with the most perfect red and camel Tahari dress I had found on sale and the newest color of my favorite Michael Kors sandals but I kept my resolve and did it.
Now as I dress I look at a few other things that really should have gone back too...but their receipts have expired and they are mine.

I know there will be times when I just want to shop...and some thrifting here and there is in the budget.
But when those times inevitably come that I just want to grab my wallet and run to my favorite retailers, I think I just need to look at this pair of jeans I'm wearing and remind myself that they are really all I need.

jeans: express
stripe tee: thrifted, jones new york
denim button up: jcrew
puffer: jcrew
heeled loafers: jcrew
necklace: old limited
bracelets: old limited and express


  1. Thanks for this post! You are so right about not needing so many things. I was just looking in my closet the other day thinking the same thing.

    Although- I remember when your blog first started, I think that it was your goal to only Shop the now, you are getting back to your beginning and I think it will still be amazing to see what different outfits you come up with from your closet! You have great taste and somehow I think you will still amaze us with your creations!

  2. 1) Is blogging a lot more fun now that you don't work? I'm sure its awesome to have more time plus u must need that social outlet more, now right?

    2) i was looking at the pants in my (too small) closet in my (300 sq foot) apartment and my mountain of shoes and had a similar thought.
    I keep around 5-6 pairs of shoes under my desk at work (the high ones) and i really mostly wear 3 in rotation. Then i have about 20-25 other pairs (just shoes here) at home that sit there... until i go out (which happens about once a month) then i have about 10-15 jackets. i have 3 winter coats which get used a lot but do I need 10+ fall/spring coats? those seasons are so short! but they are nice, how can i get rid of them?

    ok you get my point, i could go on and on. but yes, its a problem. ive definitely gotten better over the years but still...

  3. I will never be able to NOT shop....being a personal shopper will do that to you, LOL. Seriously its a blessing and a with others money def takes the "physical" need out of it...BUT I am around new merchandise SO often...that I want everything...and there is ALWAYS something new...and obviously its not like I can stay out of the stores...sigh..
    I love it too much to care.
    But on that note, I LOVE those jeans and often find myself wearing the same bottoms alot (like fav cargos/jeans) so maybe that is where I should scale back.
    YES we need to get week looks pretty good for me- I have two box clients to shop for Monday but look pretty good on Wed or Thurs...lmk.

  4. I love your new resolve. I hope to be at that place soon! After this lastest JC promo and everything else, I just got to stop! Oh and as for Extreme Couponing, I saw one lady buy 90 bags of croutons! really, croutons? dried, stale bread? Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  5. I nixed massive retail shopping (but must admit my thrifting can get a bit out of hand) So now I have to work on refining the overstuffed closet that is gradually turning into a thrifted treasure zone. Congrats on thinking it all through, we all should.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  6. I have so many pairs of jeans too, but I wear the same few pairs all the time. I definitely understand wearing a pair you like a lot. These look great, the contrast stitching is really neat.

  7. great post, do we feel this way as we get older?
    I love shopping and looking but I have enough in my closet as well

  8. Love your necklace!

  9. This is so true Eleanor! I was just having another closet clear out yesterday and I can't believe how much stuff I bought and haven't worn yet! I tend to stick to one pair of jeans that are comfortable and wear them day in day out! Have a lovely weekend:)

  10. I love a good pair of versatile jeans that can be worn in so many ways (that sentence was a bit redundant). But I always force myself to make good use out of my not-so-versatile pairs, otherwise they must be tossed!

  11. Interesting post. I feel the same way as I get older so it might have something to do with it. I want fewer but quality clothes in my closet more than ever before.

    Heel in Mint

  12. I find easier getting dressed with less items in my closet, I guess you reach a moment in your live that you find your style, you feel so good in the items you already have that you don't need to go a shop for more.

  13. I love this look, it is so cool, casual and modern, u look fantastic!


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