Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flights of Fancy

Sometimes I fall in love with inanimate objects.
Take for example, this hat.
It was swoon at first sight and before anyone could have realized I had already imagined at least a dozen different outfits to wear it with.
I knew this it could transform me into a 70's style bohemian in a sheer instant. 

Yet, when I dressed this morning, I decidedly left the hat off.
Even though I think it is complete perfection with this look.

Why did I omit the hat?
Simply because it's alot for this town I live in.
Does that even make sense?
Although I live a relatively short distance from NYC, we are light years apart in style.
Being dressed up means the other moms at school might wear heels with their velour tracksuit.
Yes, you read that correctly.

On a regular basis I am way overdressed in comparison to everyone else.
Not that it matters much, I still live in the same town I grew up in and I was always known to be avaunt garde ~ a free spirit marching to her own drum.
 But this magnificent piece of millinery would draw a bunch of unwanted attention at the elementary school pick up.

All of that aside, I continue to make purchases like this regularly, because I know I will wear them someday.
Just not to school pick up.

Do you fall in love with items or styles even though wearing them might be out of your comfort zone?

vest: ny&co
sweater: jcrew
jeans & hat: express
boots: coach
bracelet & ring: tiffany's
watch: citizen


  1. I am so digging your Fall looks. Like, seriously, you look great!!!!

    It was almost cool here today...maybe 85 degrees? I can almost feel Fall!!!

  2. Love this look for fall! Gorgeous sweater :) xx

  3. That hat is totally fabulous! And I love the vest too!

  4. Very nice!!!

    It's fun dressing up!!!

  5. Oh Eleanor that hat looks amazing on you! You should have left it on!! Give them all something to talk about for the day!!:)

  6. I'd love a hat like that but I'm too self conscious plus with all the wind we get hanging on to it would stress me out.

  7. Very nice outfit, i adore the hat

  8. I continually purchases large hats that I LOVE but when it comes down to actually wearing them I have to find just the right setting! which means I usually end up taking it off.....


  9. Absolutely love the hat! Such a shame that you can't wear what you want completely - I experience that too. I have a few pieces in my closet which I'm absolutely in love with but which aren't 'accepted' in the tiny village I'm living in at the moment. That's also the main reason I'm so anxious about moving to a big city asap!

    Love, Lisa

  10. I am so jealous because I have been looking for the perfect black, floppy hat (which has harder than you think!) This one suits you perfectly!

  11. LOVE those jeans!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. That's a great hat. This year seems to be the year of the hat, I'm falling for almost every hat I see.


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