Monday, October 3, 2011

Over The Weekend


Gingham and floral for errand running

Amazing pasta dish sans the broccoli rabe for the picky little eater

Time to gravitate away from all the whites I indulge in all summer and on to my favorite red of all time:

The mess has finally been conquered


A local Guinness and Oyster Festival that turned into an impromptu afternoon date with hubby, complete with an indulgent lunch out.
Have you ever had "Irish Nachos?"
Typical nachos sans the meat and on potato chips instead....
Going to have to pay penitence for that tomorrow via Jillian Michaels....

I wasn't kidding when I said I was really feeling the button's becoming the daily staple!

sweater: jcrew
gingham button up: ny&co
scarf & jeans: express
boots: style&co
bracelet: limited
sunglasses: banana republic

button up: jcrew
sweater vest: limited
jeans: those damn express jeans again!
ballerinas: enzo angiolini
watch: citizen
bracelet & ring: tiffany's
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. Hi Eleanor! It looks like you had a fab weekend!! There is a festival like that in Galway every year but I have never been:) Have never tried the nachos either but thanks for the idea! Enjoy your week:)

  2. Anne~ Of course you haven't had the nachos... just an American way to promote one's "Irishness". You my love, live the real life! ;)

  3. it looks like you had an amazing weekend!


  4. Fabulous photos, your outfits r super cute and stylish!

  5. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend. I plan to emulate a wonderful weekend at home this coming one. Need to rejuvenate.

  6. what a fun weekend! And I need that gingham shirt stat! xo

  7. the baby is sleeping, which means i should be sleeping...
    instead, i'm reading your blog, living vicariously, wishing for a beer.
    love your outfits, preppy mcprepperston.
    (ps. i'm such a freaking flake...i still have scarves to send you. they're sitting in my room...with your name on them.)

  8. That bench at the foot of your bed is crazy gorgeous!


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