Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Procrastination Street

Much like my favorite domestic diva, Martha Stewart, Halloween is a BIG deal around here.
Every year we throw a child friendly costume party for our friends and family and every year we are competing to outdo each others costumes.

With my sister coming up from Virginia and my brother coming down from New York, the whole weekend is essentially one big party as our home will be filled to the brim with loved ones.
Meals have been planned from today through early next week and I ran around this morning completing all of my errands.
With pantries now stocked, our costumes just need a little bit of tweaking...but we are just about ready.
There is just one small problem.

Our home office doubles as a guest room and it has been completely dismantled since August.
When we were preparing for our new furniture arrival late this summer repainting our family room and such, we tore apart the office to paint it as well.
We just never did it.
The new family room decor involved swapping the area rugs in both rooms and we took the hubby's leather recliner from the office and moved it to the living room.
With all that swapping, makes perfect sense to repaint?
Except we didn't.

I'm not a procrastinator...not at all.
(except maybe this one time...)
I meant to get to it...I even bought the new paint color when we purchased the one for the family room! 
We both just loathe painting and we didn't want to spend our whole week off together in August doing such a dreadful task.
Of course, I've been home for exactly one month now and I pick the week I need to have guests sleep in there to paint it.

My sister and her family arrive Friday around lunchtime. 
Until then, I will be up to my eyeballs in paint and mess trying to fix what I should have done weeks ago.
So I leave you with some photos of Halloween Past...and some of the costumes we've worn.
See if you can figure out who we're supposed to be....





Wait until you see this years....!!!

*sorry about the awful, small pics...had to send them from pc to laptop etc. and they are too grainy expanded. but you get the idea! *


  1. Haha! I love the Sweepstakes award winner! Too funny. I think we are going as a football player and pregnant cheerleader :) Very Glee

  2. how fun!! i love the gnome costume...super cute!
    good luck with all that painting...glad it's not me. ;)
    (aren't i a supportive friend?) haha

  3. Love the photos! Sounds like you will be busy for a few days:) I am sure you will have everything fab by the time your guests arrive!! Enjoy the weekend:)

  4. hahahah Mary must be the most clever impromptu costume I've seen to date! You're such a ham...ahhh love the silliness surrounding this time of year!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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