Friday, October 21, 2011

Silence Is A Virtue

My family finds it strange that I never, ever turn on the tv after they have left for work and school.
I don't put on music either.

I prefer complete silence in the house.

I didn't used to feel this way.
I used to play music as I milled around the I just prefer quiet.

It's the same for me in the car.
I used to listen to cd's or my iPod or even a meditation cd for the days I knew road rage would strike on my commute.

Music has influenced so much in my life, yet I find that the only time I listen now is when I am cooking dinner and I throw on the old iPod or some Pandora.
And the TV is only watched when,
1. I can't fall asleep
2. House Hunters is on and I am going to bed (but I always miss the last house and the decision because I usually fall asleep!)
3. Jersey Shore or the Kardashians are on...what can I say...after being alone with my thoughts I need some comic relief!

Do you prefer silence or do you need a little background noise?
Happy Weekending!

jeans (different ones!): express
sweater: express
turtleneck: jcrew
clutch: express
boots: enzo angiolini (old!)
ring: charlotte russe
sunglasses: limited


  1. i like this post. i hope you can check out mine and share some comments!

  2. you look so comfortable and chic- love your cardigan and that amazing clutch!!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  3. silence. only since having kids...HA!

    I have enough noise all day long. The very few moments I get to myself need to be quiet. (Although I usually fall asleep, no matter what I am doing! So, if I need to get work done, or am driving, music has to be on to keep me awake!!)

  4. I used to always have the telly on but ended up watching crap progammes and getting nothing done... now I leave it off and like you I listen to a bit of music while cooking. Have a lovely weekend:)

  5. I agree with you on the silence at times. After being at work all day (i work on a trading floor) it is nice to find some peace and quiet as well!

  6. lovely leopard touch!

  7. The clutch is gorgeous... :)

    xx THE CHEAP

  8. oh! what nice this post!
    Have you seen my new post outfit? I have also a beautiful giveaway post, of accessories, with no limit price!
    came to me! i wait for you!
    kiss kiss

  9. Love the clutch and the turtleneck sweater. :)

    Heel in Mint

  10. Love this look, doll! So glad I found your blog! That bag is amazing!!

  11. I think you are regrouping, resetting, and reanalyzing, and it makes perfect sense. I also think you should use your vintage knowledge and scooping skills in your next endeavor. Maybe an online vintage shop, like on etsy? There seem to be a few, but nothing at decent price ranges with the quality I’ve seen you sniff out.

    - Tessa

  12. Love the cardigan! <3



  13. I'm really loving your leopard clutch...I would love to find one just like it! Mix and Match Fashion

  14. Lovely outfit! I prefer silence, always.

  15. Indeed! There are really times in our lives that we prefer to be silent for a while and reflect the things that happened and are happening in our lives.

    You look great with your outfit. The color of your top is vibrant and it blended well with your sweater. The leopard clutch is also amazing.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  16. Hmm...I think I should try eliminating some of the white noise from my life. I typically have music going in the background when I get home, partly to drown out the sound of traffic from the street below. But I bet that I could relax and focus better if there were silence. Perhaps I should try installing some noise-reducing curtains to see if that helps.

    And your leopard clutch is so chic!

  17. I like background noise whether it's music or tv and not really watching though. Music is my life and lipstick too. The day I stop listening to music and stop wearing lipstick is the day something is really wrong with me. :) You look great btw. I need to start posting again. Feeling in a fashion rutt.

  18. You have such great style and always looks so pulled together. I wanted to let you know you won the Leibster Award, check it out at Liebster Blog Award!

  19. The link didn't work sorry, try


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