Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I know we are already 2 days past Halloween and most of us have mentally moved on to thoughts of Thanksgiving and possibly even the holidays.
If you have children like me, then I am sure you still have some reminders laying around (of the creepiest my favorite holiday) in the form of sweet chocolate treats and assorted sugary delights..
It may be behind us (and on our mid~sections!)...but all those treats will be around for goodness knows how long.
So it's never too late to reminisce is it???

As Lisa mentioned on Monday, I take Halloween~ing seriously.
Every year we throw a costume party and I have to say "the reveal" of the costumes is the very best part.
We held our party Saturday night and as usual, I took a minimal amount of photos...missing some really great costumes...but I did capture a few pics to share:

In the past I have served substantial amounts of food, but this year we opted for a dessert buffet.
Setting the table for the party is one of my favorite parts!
We served cookies, s'more bars and cupcakes I baked using Wilton's haunted house cupcake decorations.
Goodie bags and plenty of juice boxes for the kids!

Hubby thought it would be fun to be the Easter Bunny bum from the slums.
A pretty Easter basket was defiled with empty beer bottles...his costume vaguely reminded me of that old SNL sketch with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley playing Chippendales.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm one lucky lady...right?

I was the Toothless Fairy.
Broken wings, ripped up clothing, and rotten "teeth"...we make a handsome pair, eh?

Danny and Sandy made it over...

As well as the Claus Family.

We also had the Griswold's, J~Woww and Situation and some FPC (fist pump, push up, chapstick) action.
A little bit of Mad Men and some Don Quixote.

It was quite a night!

What were you for Halloween??


  1. Oh FPC - you have obviously been keeping up with your Jersey Shore! ;o)

    You are like the Martha Stewart of Halloween, this is fantastic!

  2. I was waiting to see these photos. You guys look great the house looks fabulous.

  3. Great costumes! I love Halloween too. Such fun!! You throw one heck of a party. I might just have to stop by some year- ha!

  4. What a great dessert buffet -- it all looks absolutely delicious! And how wonderful that everyone pulled out all the stops to get dressed up. Must have been such a fun party!

  5. Looks like a fun weekend... happy Halloween!

  6. I love all the photos! Looks like everyone had alot of fun:)


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