Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brain Dead

I just tried to log into my email and I can't remember my password. Never mind the fact that I was in there less than five minutes ago and just needed to go back and look at something again.
Do you ever do that?
Have something so ingrained in your mind that you do it all the time on auto pilot but in that moment you stop to actually think about it your mind goes blank?
I do.
It seriously makes me nuts when it happens. It scares me as well. Alzheimer's is a reality in this family. We lost both my grandmother and one of her sisters to the disease. I do a great job exercising my mind with tons of reading, socializing and Scrabble playing. Still, I can't help but wonder if it is in vain. No definitive measures to halt or delay the disease are known. So what is one to do?
Although there is no proof that diet and exercise can keep symptons at bay, it certainly can't hurt to ensure that both are put to practice. Healthy living is always a priority. As I mentioned, challenging the mind should help keep the brain on it's toes. But what to do when you forget a silly password that you key in multiple times a day?
Take it as your cue to walk away from the've probably spent too much time on there already today!

Do you worry about things like this when you have a minor memory lapse?

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  1. Lots of memory lapses for me since I became a mother. I am hoping it improves...
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I'm having a giveaway...

  2. Oh yes it's horrible, it seems to happen when I switch off my auto pilot and over think especially with the house alarm.
    I love the cute shoes, all the JCA's are turning me on to tartan, I'd never thought it would happen!

  3. I seem to be doing it a fair bit lately! At the pass machine the other day I couldn't remember my pin number for my bank card, even though I use it on a regular basis!! Think it might be that we are trying to do to much at the one time!:)

  4. It makes me nuts too when this happens.
    I have different passwords for everything too which is quite stupid really.

    I wish I could play Scrabble! I can't stand board games though I know they are good for the brain.
    Both of my Grandmothers are alive, in their 90's, with dementia. I'm guessing that's where I'll be one day too.

  5. I have short term memory lapse. I guess I forget things that aren't important to me (but maybe to someone else) and certain people get annoyed by that. Oh well!!

  6. I'm so forgetful so Roboform is my savior each and every time! It's free to download and literally remembers ALL the passwords to ALL the sites you log onto so you never have to remember a thing! Except the password that unlocks Roboform of course :D But remembering only 1 beats having to recall like 50,000 right??

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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