Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Show {Trump National in Bedminster NJ}

When Carly contacted me a while back and asked if I would be able to help her with a fashion show she was coordinating, it took me approximately 1.2 seconds to eagerly reply YES!

Carly organized and styled a show for an exclusive private school in Northern NJ.
When I say exclusive, to send your child from PreK through 12th grade is roughly the same cost per year as an expensive private college.
Broken down, if your child went every year from the start to finish of their school years it would roughly be over a million in primary education.
Hard to fathom. 

The models were moms of the students as well as faculty members.
Carly styled 4 looks for each woman, ending with a breathtaking bridal gown as the finale.
To say she is amazingly talented and stylish doesn't even begin to describe this uber cool chick that I am fortunate to call my friend.

There were over 250 seats placed in the ballroom.
Once the show started, it was so packed that women were standing along the entire perimeter as well!

Fabulous Carly taking care of some last minute details.

The show was held at the Trump National Golf & Country Club in picturesque Bedminster, NJ.
It was a simply lovely venue.

If the view of the countryside from the grand foyer wasn't awe inspiring enough, how about looking down at the parking lot and seeing nothing but a sea of Bentley's and luxury cars?
There was more wealth in one place than I may have ever seen and equally as jaw dropping.
(I'll take the black Bentley on the right, thank you very much....)

The show went off without a hitch and the crowd loved it!
Models and women from the audience were clamoring after the show to buy the looks Carly had so effortlessly put together.
Women were randomly appearing in the changing room to ask about the clothing they
With Carly's innate sense of style it is no surprise this show was such a success!
Thanks Carly for having me along for the ride ~ I had a blast!

*majority of clothing is the first pics is from The Red Toad Boutique*


  1. I love Carly! She has such great fashion sense. How exciting that you got to participate. That place looks beautiful! Heather

  2. Looks and sounds like it was so much fun! What a cool experience :)

  3. The show looks amazing! I love Carly!

  4. this looks like an amazing day & stunning venue. xxx

  5. Wow! The venue looks fabulous:):)! I have visited Carly's blog before and she always looks amazing!:)

  6. okay- OMG!!!!!!

    This is like something from the movies. The location, fabulous! The clothing, fabulous! WOW! I am jealous.

    And, I cannot even comprehend that primary school could cost $1MIL. Like- that amount of money does not even register in my brain. wow. I wish I weren't- but I am a bit jealous of those families too.

  7. It looks like a great event! The venue is beautiful :)

  8. oh my that is such a beautiful venue!! And it sounds like you guys had a pretty spectacular turn out. Yay E and C! xo

  9. The space is truly gorgeous. It looks like the show was successful. Congratulations!

  10. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I have no doubt in my mind if Carly was behind the event that it would have been a roaring success, however I too cannot comprehend 1 million dollars for primary school alone, I didn't realise that those types of school even existed. WOW. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. Wow! It sounds and looks like a fabulous time!

  13. GIRRLLL...How did you get such AMAZING photos and mine..not so much, LOL. You seemed to capture every little last detail..LOVE IT!
    THANK YOU for all the kind words, truth is I just LOVE doing it so much, glad it shines through. I would have been LOST without you were such a HELP and your calm nature was very reassuring when the nerves were kicking in. I think we make a great team and can't wait to see what else we drum up together...we are TOTALLY getting that idea on the calendar next month!!!!
    What day should we thrift next week? I am wide open except tuesday little gym in morning and thursday dance class...lmk.

  14. Great post. I am following you now! Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

  15. You are so luck with your great taste and style.

  16. how fun!!! and $1M? sheesh! makes me want to start saving now for the child i may or may not have some day.


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