Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flying Solo

On Saturday my husband and I were out running errands one of which was dropping off 3 shopping bags full of children's books our own kids have outgrown. Being the literary junkie I am, purging any books is a painful process. We sorted them into three categories. One pile of delicious hardcovers to give to their little cousins, one pile of sentimental titles and classic tomes for them to share with their own children someday. Finally the third pile was the book fair paperbacks and assorted SpongeBob, Pokemon, and Captain Underpants stories. The ones I could bear to part with. I always donate to my favorite thrift store that supports our local hospital. I have been frequenting it since I was about 15 years old and you can bet it has a special place in my heart.
After we pulled in and were gathering the bags I asked hubby if he wouldn't mind me poking around a bit. He said he already assumed I would want to and that was fine with him. As I meandered through the racks he was standing right behind me. He moved along with me just patiently waiting, hands in pockets or playing with his phone. It took me less than 10 minutes for me to abort the mission and just say "let's go".
Knowing he was standing there was too distracting for me and I couldn't properly look. I told him this and he looked surprised and responded that he was just fine standing there. We left anyway.
I was thinking about it later in the day and came to the conclusion that I am just a solo shopper. I have always found it to be a mystery of the universe when I see men standing patiently outside a fitting room holding the handbag of their lady friend. Do they enjoy just standing there? Doesn't the woman feel rushed knowing he's waiting? Are there men out there that really enjoy shopping that much? Is his taste in clothing that good that you need his opinion? See how befuddled it makes me? When we are in a mall, you can assuredly find my husband in the closest Apple store. If he even crosses the threshold to a women's apparel store it is because he is coming to find me and tell me he is bored out of his mind.
I never go to a mall with girlfriends either. In fact, after many years of working in one, I think I trained myself to shop alone. All my shopping was done quickly on breaks or after working all day. I need to be alone with my thoughts to properly decide on an item and/or rationalize it. Having someone else there is usually more distracting.
Now don't get me wrong. I will never turn down a chance to hang out with a girlfriend and browse through a shop or two. We all need that girl time. But if you see me out with my game face on digging through a rack mercilessly, then you know I'm flying solo.

Do you prefer to shop alone or do you need the company of someone else?

P.S. The jacket in today's outfit was a closet dive/DIY to give it new life. I wore it last here with it's original trim on it. Since I am so over ruffles in just about every shape and form, I removed all the embellishment and trim so this lovely little number would finally see some love. It's perfect now! 
P.P.S. The shirt is a JCrew new arrival I ordered using rewards and a giftcard so guess how much it was??? Free! Now that's something this unemployed girl enjoys!

jacket: old ny&co
shirt: jcrew
jeans: express
boots: coach
necklace: express
bracelet: limited
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. For serious shopping: alone always. I don't do well in stores with helpful staff either because then I don't feel alone!
    It's part of the reason I prefer online shopping I think.
    Love the shirt on you!

  2. Love how you layered the jacket with the plaid top - very cute!

  3. I actually think I do better when I shop on my own. If it is for something special like a wedding, I would probably like a second opinion! I love your jacket:)

  4. I totally agree about shopping alone! I too would have felt rushed and uncomfortable if my husband had been standing right there.


  5. I hate to shop with others, I feel pressured to buy something and I usually don't like it later, I am efficient and happier on my own

    Love the diy jacket

  6. Love how you transformed the jacket and even more that the top was FREE! What a score. And I totally know what you mean...sometimes it's just better to shop by yourself and not have someone waiting on you!! xo

  7. Everything about your outfit is great. I'm actually going to pin it for inspiration. That jacket is adorable.

    I'm not a solo shopper as I always have my 12 year old in tow. Other than her, I dont like to shop with people. I'm like you it's just a distraction. As far as the hubby, he despises shopping with me. He only goes when I force him & then it's only to babysit our youngest LOL. They sit outside on the benches while my daugher and I shop!!!

  8. I'd say 95% of the time I'm a solo shopper. I meander stores, will go back several times to the same item before I decide to try it on, and just enjoy the time browsing/buying. It sounds horrible but sometimes if I'm with someone, I feel like they distract me from my mission. Mr. M is usually worthless if he's tagging along while I'm shopping. He does the same thing, hangs behind, breathes loudly and doesn't offer much input.
    The 5% of the time I enjoy company is if my shopping trip involves household items (Mr. M usually buys, we like that) or if it's a girls' shopping trip where I'm more interested in spending time chatting vs shopping.

  9. I'm almost always a solo shopper as well. I will occasionally go shopping with a girlfriend, but I won't usually feel comfortable poking around as long as I usually do, or having the "should I buy it?" discussions that I have with myself.

    And if BF and I go shopping together, he'll usually linger in the nearest video game store while I'm shopping. The only exception is the thrift store -- he'll browse the men's section for hours in search of Brooks Brothers shirts and ties, leaving me free to peruse for myself. Love thrifting with him!

  10. Okay! I have looking for inspiration to style a new Ann Taylor Loft cropped tweed jacket I thrifted - and now I have it!! Love the turned up collar and cuffs on the shorter length sleeves!
    Thanks Eleanor!!!

  11. what a beautiful outfit, the shirt is stunning!
    im loving your blog, would you like us to follow each other?

  12. Love that blazer with the plaid shirt. Plaid shirt and tweed-like blazer is always the perfect addition to a fall wardrobe!


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