Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lone Silo Farm

For years we have journeyed about 35 minutes west from our shore town to a Christmas tree farm in New Egypt, NJ.
There is something I find especially magical about Lone Silo Farm and in my eyes, no other place will do.

The past two years have been especially hectic and my husband has traveled here alone to cut down our tree.
He must have looked pretty sad and sorry to the families wandering around together.

Those days are behind us now and on Sunday we drove out there together to hunt down what is to be the masterpiece of our Christmas Decor.

There was some minor incidents where one child was annoying the other on the way out to the fields.

But if you irritate others you usually get what's coming to you.

Of course there are other ways to deal with unruly and disagreeable children.

After close to an hour of searching we found her!
Did you know that finding the perfect tree is in some ways similar to finding the perfect mate?
1. You have to make sure you can put up with them for an extended period of time.
2. You want to know if they will age well and NOT lose a lot of hair needles.
3. Do they smell nice? This is VERY important.
And finally:
4. When you dress them up, will they look amazing???

I love how solitary the silo looks from every angle.
Such beauty.

As the men wrap the tree and help get it on top of the car there is hot cider waiting which just may be my favorite part.

Where do you get your tree?


  1. Oh LOVE! How wonderful. We get our tree down from the top of the cupboard!

    I can't wait to see that beauty all dressed up! I bet it smells divine too.
    Dreaming of sitting next to it with a glass of wine and you. x

  2. What a fantastic post! Especially love the comparison of finding a tree to finding a mate.

    My BF's parents always buy the largest tree they see...which doesn't quite work out, since their ceilings are average height. Every year, they have to lop off the top and bottom of the tree to get it into the room! (I would suggest a smaller tree, but decided it wise to hold my tongue...)

  3. What a beautiful farm. You really captured some gorgeous photos! Can't wait to see your tree & decorated and lit up!!

  4. Love this post and all the great photos. Don't even ask where we get our tree!! :) Hopefully we'll get it this weekend.

  5. So beautiful. Glad you are beginning to love Christmas again. 22 years in retail can make anyone hate the holidays. So glad you are free :) I remember your insane tweets last year. Waking up at 3 am to go into work...yuck.

  6. Oh my..your post makes tree shopping look so magical and glorious! I love this post..
    Not going to lie..we do fake...my parents gave us their old really nice fake one..and it is just so easy...sigh..you make me yearn for a REAL one now.

    PS..you get invite? can you make it next week???


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