Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Best Life

Over the weekend I finished reading The Bucolic Plague by Josh Kilmer-Purcell who is one half of the Fabulous Beekman Boys.
I have never watched the show, but after reading an article in a magazine about them and having an deep affinity for people who throw out the 9-5 life in search of something better, I headed off to the library to grab his book.

The book is about how Josh and his partner Brent literally stumbled upon a mansion for sale in the Mohawk Valley of New York and buy it on a whim to use as a weekend escape from their NYC lives.
Josh dreams of becoming a gentleman farmer leaving the hustle and bustle of New York to permanently settle in the countryside.
He talks about his search to find his "best life".
I found this so captivating because in a way that is what I have been doing too.

Throughout my life I have never been fully content because I have always been dreaming about what is in the future.
Although I loved my first home, I used to sit there and dream of a slightly bigger, more comfortable house.
One in which all my furniture would be new and not hand me downs.
I was pretty happy with my job back then, but couldn't help but think of how fabulous it would be to have a career that had me hopping flights to different cities living a much more exciting existence. 

Fast forward 16 years and I am living in a house I dreamed of way back then.
It is no mansion, but a modest home that fits our family perfectly.
It is filled with beautiful things I worked hard to own and I cherish immensely.
I had also found that job that had me flying around every few months from city to city.
Yet, I still wasn't satisfied.
How could this be???
Wasn't I living my Best Life?
The one I dreamed about so many years ago?

As I have grown older, I suppose my idea of my Best Life has changed.
Just as I have changed.
No longer did I desire to travel and work towards some fabulous career that would keep me away from my family and all the things I worked so hard to have.
My Best Life now is to just be.
To be still and appreciate all that I have.

I think what keeps life interesting is when it is a constant journey.
A journey of self discovery and exploration.
A ladder of sorts that we keep climbing.
I know I am constantly evolving and changing.
To stop doing so, to me, would mean I have stopped living.
And then how would I find my way to my Best Life?

What is your idea of your Best Life?

jean jacket: yuka jeans (old)
dress: express
tights: ny&co
boots: style & co
bracelets: limited & express
earrings: express
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. Lovely post Eleanor.
    To be able to focus on my kids and my husband, the day to day, making dinner and planning holidays, working hard at what needs to get done but just being calm and listening: that's my best life!
    When I was younger like you I didn't live as much in the moment as I do now, that gets easier for some reason.

  2. Great post. I'm learning to enjoy life a little bit more and don't take things too seriously. I'm always on the road to self discovery and am still trying to find myslef. I hope to find the "true" me some day soon. BTW, love the outfit.

  3. I think that one's "best life" can totally change over the years. I know for me- this is totally true. I went to college for business. I had dreams of living abroad, making lots of money...and I did live in France for a bit. And I did have a job where I made good money, but then my priorities changed.

    I realized that I wanted to live in my home state. Then I realized that my well-paying job was not so glamorous. I chose to ditch that job and become a teacher. Then, once I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to stay home.

    I always thought I would go back to teaching once my boys were in school, but now I think I want to do something else. Maybe start my own business or something...

    I think it is hard to decide on just one thing these days. We live in a world where we can see what is out there with a touch of a button, something our grandparents did not have. They did the same job for 50 years because that is what they knew. We can now see so many opportunities.

    I am right there with you...it is a work in progress. I am learning to enjoy the moment and the journey and not focus so much on a destination.

  4. I love your dress - very pretty print <3

  5. Beautiful!

    My best life? No crying babies?! Seriously though... when I can balance time with family and friends as well as doing something that really satisfies my soul, namely writing.


  6. First of all, I love Josh and Brent! I trekked over to Madison to see them speak at an event there and love their show. You must watch it!

    Living the best life for me is living without too many regrets. There is no second act. I need to eat off the good china more often and not save the "good stuff" for company.

  7. I think I'm way too bipolar to answer that question. Lets see... i guess for the next 3 years, dream would be something along the lines you said. traveling, meeting new people, going to exciting places, crazy adventures I can tell my kids one day. Then after that I would want a house in the country... quiet, with an amazing husband, a few kids, stable income and i would be a photographer. We would live in some small 'steven king' like town. maybe a fisherman town... but who knows.
    Ok fantasy over ;)

    ive been getting more and more down at work these days. its not a TERRIBLE job. I just am very under-appreciated and unmotivated and not challenged. a bad mix. I keep looking for that dream job. (i thought i had found it but i ended up being under-qualified) anyway i would love to get the F out of here but i don't want to do anything crazy and end up getting a crappy minimum wage to pay the bills.

    WOW long comment. I hope lots of interesting opportunities come your way with your new freedom. And I'm sure they will :)

  8. love the belt you added with the dress and the perfect jean jacket!

    love from San Francisco,

  9. My idea of the best life is one that can be changed at any given moment to adjust to how you change. Similar to what you said, people evolve and although some interests grow as you do, some of them you grow out of. The best life to me is one that gives you flexibility to explore multiple things in life so it feels like you're living everyday with new surprises.

  10. These photos are so beautiful, I like them! And you look so pretty!!!

    Please, follow me on Cosa mi metto???
    If you already don’t!

  11. this does sound like an interesting book. i definitely think that the idea of my "best life" changes periodically (but i mean like, monthly... i'm weird). some days i think my best life would be fast&furious in the big city, traveling and partying all the time, and the next week i could think that nothing would be better than raising chickens on a farm and having friends over to drink wine and play music. i think i'm leaning toward the latter as i enter into the second half of my twenties...


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