Thursday, November 3, 2011


How in the world did I survive without a cell phone?
What did I fill my day with when I didn't tweet, text, email, Facebook or blog?

Prior to my iPhone, retrieving email on my cell was like sending messenger pigeons into cyberspace hoping they came back with some news about the newest JCrew arrivals or something.

As soon as I would arrive home from work each day, I would disappear into the office and jump on the laptop to check my email and blog.
Inevitably my time there would be extremely limited because some people around here (who shall remain nameless) get hungry and actually want things like dinner to be cooked.
The nerve....

 I called it my "unwinding" time, but after an hour commute, let's face much more unwinding did I need to do?
It's just that inquiring minds have to know if Williams Sonoma will have Cuisinart products on sale and if anyone commented on their recent blog post.

This time last year hubby and I purchased iPhones and life became very different.
I no longer need to go on the laptop to be on top of all of cyberspace's comings and goings.
Since our phones never leave our  my side(s), I am at the beck and call of every tweet, text, email, Instagram and Facebook status.
I have the ability to check my blog incessantly and you can bet your stars that I do.

Hubby and I have texted each other from room to room instead of actually going to find each other.
And let's not even talk about the 8 Words with Friends games I have going.
I listen to the music I have downloaded or Pandora when I am cooking dinner.
I would safely say that I am addicted.
I am a SocialMedialite if there even was such a thing.

It dawned on me this week that if I added up the minutes I spend on my phone each day I would be appalled at how much of my life is wasted away by the little black box that now controls it.
In order to regain some of myself back, I tucked it away today in the bottom of this fabulous vintage purse and am proud to say that I only checked it twice while out running errands for an hour and a half.
Although it is sitting here right next to me as I type away on the laptop.

Baby steps....

sweater: jcrew
button up: jcrew
pants: loft
ballet flats: jcrew
sunglasses: express
bracelets: express & jcrew
bag: vintage, thrifted dooney & bourke


  1. My life has changed significantly since I got my iphone earlier this year. I too don't remember what life was like without it. However, I was thinking about this very thing yesterday on how i can de-tech myself for a bit so I don't become so dependent. Before I go to bed the last thing I do is check FB, Twitter and email. First thing I do when I wake up is reach over for my phone to again check FB, Twitter and email. If my phone wasn't my alarm clock I would probably leave my phone outside of the bedroom so I could get some good shut eye.

    Hmmm I might just have to invest in a $5 alarm clock.

  2. I don't have an iPhone yet but just as well because I am spending too much time as it is on the laptop! I decided to give myself, morning and afternoon time slots for blogging so hopefully I will stick to them!!

  3. I recently restricted myself on how much I use the iPhone, it made a world of difference!

  4. LOL!!! I have to agree with you especially when hubby is an old Mac user since the 80s and is still mourning over Steve Jobs. He got me into technology I would never have dreamed of and of course the darned ANGRY BIRDS app@!!!! Now everyone can get a hold me which has got to change.

  5. I have a plain ole Blackberry with about zero online surfing ability - and while I stare enviously as my BF's Droid does everything short of make coffee and walk the dog, I am kind of glad I am not that hooked in yet. I spend enough time online as is with a laptop and Xoom (and no Twitter, can you believe), I don't think I'd have time to work if I got one of those fancy hooked in all the time phones. My BF "complained" that his phone was "dropping cookies" all over the place just yesterday - I was almost kind of glad I had no idea what he talking about ... though that Angry Birds thing is fantastic.

  6. I just got my first iPhone last week and it's been glued to my hand ever since. Before, I was doing the whole crappy regular phone + iPod Touch which was a bummer because the iPod couldn't get internet at all times. Plus it was so annoying having to carry around 2 devices at all times! So anyway, know what you mean. Although it is so nice to have while traveling in a new city! Btw, your hair is gorgeous today!

  7. Love that bag. And I hear ya - totally addicted to social media, and my iphone!

  8. I love the way you styled your top. It has a great structured quality to it.
    I can't live without social media. It's my life!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. I LOVE your outfit!!!

  10. Like this outfit!

  11. Chic casual look!

    xo Ashleigh


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