Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All Dressed Up & No Where To Go

This is my new uniform.
I've always been a fan of the button up shirt and the crewneck sweater and worn together I find it to be a match made in heaven. Generally I wear this ensemble with ballerina flats, or high boots but a few times recently I have taken my old school Kangaroo sneakers out on the town. I am not much of a sneaker girl (unless I have a butt kicking session with Jillian Michaels) and wearing them out and about is a bit out of my comfort zone.

Yesterday I strolled into the schoolyard for afternoon pick up in an outfit exactly just like this. One of the mother's that I have been friendly with for a few years came up to me and said:
"You went back to work didn't you?"
I must have looked utterly confused for a moment (since I am at pick up every day and when I worked I was lucky to be there once a week) and with one eyebrow arched quizzically I was like "Huh?"
"You were all dressed up on Thursday. I figured you must have gone back to work!"
I hesitated and in that brief moment she exclaimed:
"Oh.my.god. Don't tell me you dressed like that and your not even working!"
Finally realizing that she was talking about this outfit I laughed and explained that I had been out to lunch and shopping with a girlfriend all day.
She said I put her to shame, waved her hand up and down me and passed a comment that I probably think this look is "casual". And I admitted I do. I think I even said something to the effect of "Oh, I'm super cas today!" Then I looked around I noticed I was the only mom standing there not in some sort of work out wear.

So the moral of the story is, even though I feel as if my outfits have become quite mundane and similar and that I even wear sneakers more than ever (on really busy errand running days), I am still overdressed in comparison to others.
And somehow that is not at all consoling.

What do you consider appropriate casual wear?

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madras shirt: jcrew
sweater: thrifted
jeans: express
sneakers: kangaroos (and yes, with the zippers and everything!)
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. omg, that is so funny and has happened to me so many times! i guess we were meant to be friends! love your outfit, totally pulled together yet comfortable. xo janet

  2. casual but chic :)


  3. For casual winter outfits, I love skinny jeans and boots topped with either a tunic or a sweater. If it's not too, too cold out, I will undoubtedly wear a magenta puffer vest (with just a tad of shimmer) rather than a jacket.

    But I see so many people who wear workout gear as their go-to, even when a trip to the gym isn't on the agenda. It is a shame that we seem to have stopped putting forth the effort to get dressed!

  4. Oh don't get me started! Work out clothing is not casual wear, it's for working out. Some days I feel like if I see one more person in yoga pants and a fleece I shall scream.
    I don't even wear jeans so there you go! I wish I could, I just don't feel myself in them, I dress up every single day. I wear yoga pants to work out and then I change. And I don't answer the door in them either.
    But I know I'm a rare bird these days.
    Love your sweater and button down and your gorgeous blonde hair!

  5. Sweaters and button downs have definitely become my go to outfit as well. I think it's the perfect casual outfit. Definitely not a fan of the workout wear outside of the gym

  6. I was never into work out clothing but it does suit some people! My daily uniform is jeans and boots with either a jacket or heavy coat ...depending on the weather!

  7. My casual wear consists of jeans, t-shirt, blazer or cardigan and boots/flats. You wouldn't catch me dead in loungewear. The other day I saw a lady wearing PJ bottoms, uggs, and a jacket walking her dog...in the city. I mean COME ON!!!!

  8. Such a comfy look :) You look super cute :)


  9. I put on at the very least nice jeans and a cashmere sweater or a cute cardigan even just to walk the dog. I do wear tennis shoes, but they're fashion shoes, not actual workout-intended shoes. I often put on one of my many, many pairs of oxford flats for simple errand-running or dog-walking. I wear a nice wool trench in the winter unless it's absolutely freezing, and then I'll break out the puffy down jacket. I hate the look of it, though.

    I often will opt for sweater tights and a skirt to go with the cute sweater, especially if I've got errands to run.

    That's casual to me. People think I'm crazy for it, but for the past two years I worked as a zoo keeper, and when you wear nothing but carhartts covered in mouse blood and owl poop, you look for any opportunity to make yourself look presentable!

    Just got a new job, too (yay!)...working in an emergency vet hospital. So now instead of carhartts covered in blood and poop, it will be scrubs covered in blood and poop. So nothing has changed! :D Viva la casual wear!

  10. HAHA!!!! I can totally relate because I'm a stay at home Mom and I love to "dress up." I love your casual (and adore your outfit for lunch with your friend!!).

    I think dresses with tights and flats is my casual, as well as skinny jeans + boots + comfy sweater.

  11. Cute but easy casual is a top, cardi & jeans for me. I try to wear anything I feel good in if I plan on leaving the house. It's easier to put a little thought into my attire so I feel happy & confident thruout the day.


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