Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Miracle

With a heavy heart, I went to my baby brother's house on Christmas Eve as we always do. I had an inner struggle as to whether or not to keep my phone by my side for the call I was dreading or just to leave it in my purse and be as present as I could be.
I left it and tried to be a merry as I could, which was greatly eased by my beautiful niece Vera (who only needs to call me "Ellie" and I'm putty in her hands) and my own daughter who was so excited at Santa's impending arrival.
After a couple of hours I couldn't help myself but go grab it and was relieved to see that no call had come. When we bid farewell and drove home I called my mother to check in. 
My grandfather had broken ribs in the fall which were causing internal bleeding that they could not stop. The doctors had said on Saturday morning that they would transfuse him one last time, but then that would be all. They would just see that he was made comfortable after that. To our great astonishment, someone arrived unexpectedly in the room that evening to transfuse him again. As surprised as my mother and her siblings were, they allowed them to do it.
Since that last transfusion all of Pop's vitals have been stable.
I got to speak with him on Sunday morning and it was the best gift I ever could have received.
He told my mother that God had come to see him and he asked him if he could have one more year here.
He said that God told him he could.
I'm so glad he did.

My children set their alarm clocks for 6am to open gifts on Christmas morning. It was one of the best Christmases I have had in years. My daughter framed an old picture of herself and wrote me a tear inducing note. She gave Daddy an ornament with a picture of herself as well and an equally beautiful note.
We had a big breakfast of Challah French Toast then I spent the rest of the day preparing our dinner feast while everyone played with their new toys.
My father and stepmom came over for dinner and we drank too many Old Fashioned's and ate our way into food comas.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers....I am more appreciative than you can imagine.
I hope you all had an amazing day surrounded with your loved ones because that in itself is the best gift of all.


  1. So glad your grandfather is doing ok! I hope he makes a full recovery! Beautiful photos:)

  2. That's wonderful news!! I'm glad you had a great Christmas.

  3. It was wonderful to read about your family's Christmas miracle! Happy holidays Eleanor. :)

  4. That brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad you had an amazing Christmas.

    The Suburb Experiment

  5. That's the best love letter ever. What a sweet daughter. I'm happy to hear the great news about your grandfather.


  6. What lovely news, Eleanor. It is so wonderful to hear that your grandfather is stable. I hope his condition continues to improve and that he is back to his usual self soon -- he sounds like such a special person.

  7. I am so happy for you and your family. What an amazing story. There is still good in this world and wonderfully good things still happen to good people.

    Beautiful. Merry Christmas!!

  8. what an amazing story and miraculous turnaround...truly a christmas miracle.
    So happy that you have your grandfather for a while longer...I would give anything to spend a holiday with any of my deceased are so very lucky.
    Looks like you had a beautiful holiday...ours was great too..filled with family and great it should be. Hoping we can get together soon.
    Totally random you remember the original dude from What NOt to Wear? Wayne Scott Lukas? he had long hair...anyway..he opened a store/styling center in downtown point..I am dying to go in and introduce myself..maybe I can convince you to join????

  9. so happy to hear that your grandfather is okay! it's like a christmas miracle...
    thinking of you. :)
    happy new year!

  10. Such wonderful news about your grandfather, Eleanor! Have a very Happy New Year! May 2012 be filled with many more blessings and much happiness for you and your family! :)

  11. this looks lovely :)


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