Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Things Change

I am not the same woman I was four months ago. Not even close. I have changed in so many ways and in such a brief period of time it almost gives me whiplash.
For example, let me tell you about this scarf. I found it at Target on clearance for $3.48 or so a few weeks ago. And I almost returned it because I felt guilty for buying it. 
Crazy, right?
If it doesn't seem too weird to you then let me remind you that this is the same woman who bought two brand new Coach bags in one afternoon because she was having a bad day and felt sorry for herself. True story. Also true is that the day I bought this scarf I also bought a wine colored felt hat at Target for $4.24 and I did return it because I didn't need it and felt guilty for buying it. The scarf was spared because I had taken the tags off of it.
Since I pride myself on my honesty, I can tell you that I really don't think about shopping that much at all anymore. Sure, my outfits lately feel like different versions of the same exact ensemble where only the footwear changes but so what? I have been pulling things into rotation that haven't seen the light of day in ages. 
My heart still skips a beat when a new JCrew catalog arrives in the mail, but now I look at it only for inspiration and styling ideas.
Thrift shopping will always be acceptable in my eyes, so I can't help but brag about these brand new Bass loafers I found. For $5.
Target shopping may bring out my guilty Catholic conscience but scoring a sweet pair of shoes like this makes me just want to give each of you a high five.

scarf: target
sweater & l/s tee: jcrew
jeans: express
loafers: bass, thrifted
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. I grew up with a thrifty mom so I know about savings and finding discounted items or purchasing sale items. It's very rare that I buy something at full price unless it's a designer bag (my coach bag that I bought 5 years ago). Plus it's always a challenge to find a great bargain and feels so good when you do find one.

  2. LOVE! I've just started thrifting and I'm obsessed. Love the $5 deals

  3. So gorgeous. I love this color and you and your scarf is perfection. xo

  4. Great shopping thrift with the loafers :-) And I love your sweater by J-crew... Ciao

  5. Love this whole look. It's so cheery! And congratulations on the shop!


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