Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

As I already mentioned, I decided that this year I was going to make up for years past and really decorate my home.
We are lacking a fireplace in our house and  I desperately want a mantel simply so I can put pretty things on it.
Since there is no fireplace in our future, I decided that I would clear off our buffet in the dining room and treat it as a mantle this year!
The garlands that wonderful woman gave me are hung over the mirror while faux sugared fruits fill glass containers.
My walk in attic is lined with metal shelving units filled with decorative props so I just headed in and "shopped" for some candle holders and trinkets.
The evergreens were purchased after Christmas at Pottery Barn a few years back for mere pennies.
I use them all winter long.

I have been collecting over sized mercury glass ornaments forever. They are perfect displayed in different sized cloches and pedestals in a tray of evergreens for the dining room table.

I cut down two large stems of silk amaryllis I have had and used an old silver creamer and sugar set to display them in for the formal living room coffee table.

The only new things I splurged on besides the garlands were wreaths and bows for each and every window of the house. 
I think they are just what this little red Cape Cod needed.

We always string icicle lights across the front and this year they gave me a Clark Griswold style run for my money.
In my JCrew puffer vest and plaid shirt I was most certainly the female version of Clark standing on the ladder checking bulb after bulb after bulb!

The entryway.
The hallway is so very narrow and I was thrilled when I found this thin wrought iron table from Ballard when we moved in. 
This year I used it to house our mirrored Advent Calendar and some illuminated spheres.
The glow makes it look so warm and inviting doesn't it?

The tree.
I have never been a huge fan of the color red in clothing or home decor, but at the end of last summer I started changing my mind.
That passion is still going strong and in my game plan for this year's decor the color red was a major player.
I got these little red velvet bows for a dollar a dozen.
Money well spent I think.
I bought this paper garland at Pottery Barn and felt that it was a little too wide for the tree once on it last year. I hated the thought of it all sitting unused since I just purchased it last Christmas, but if not for the tree then what purpose could they serve?
It took some thinking but....
They look perfect draped as a garland over the windows of the living and dining room!
The entire house is feeling festive and bright.
As am I.

How do you decorate for the Holidays? 


  1. First of all, your home is beautiful to begin with! All decorated, it's cozy and looks so magical! I love the wreaths!!! I always love a home with wreaths and/or candlesticks in each window for the holidays.
    Guess what? We have a tall metal shelf in our attic with we use to store all extra goodies for decorating!! We think alike so much it's scary!!! In a good way, of course!

  2. Pamela ~ I was waiting for you to point out some items you own too! Since my home is basically a living advertisement for PB...

  3. What a lovely place and the Xmas decor is just wonderful.

  4. this is my absolute favorite time of year...and can I just say that you NAILED the decorations!! The tree is stunning and I love how you used the apothecary jars and filled them with fruit. Brilliant! x

  5. Just beautiful! I love your tree & those wreaths on the windows. I want a mantle too but it's awesome how you improvised with your buffet. Everything looks gorgeous :)

  6. Loving all the decorations! Mine are sitting in boxes ...hopefully I will have the house looking festive by Monday:)

  7. I love your faux fire place arrangement and your tree. I'm all for oversized decorations. I wish it was winter for our Christmas instead of boiling hot. I've had my tree up for weeks and weeks. Because I follow a Retail Christmas. Love the blog. x

  8. Oh my -- your house looks absolutely gorgeous Eleanor! Classic and elegant with so many lovely details. Thanks for sharing these snapshots with us!

  9. Remember how just yesterday before you posted your blog I told you for the time ever I had no desire to decorate....wellll the house looks wonderful and I am starting today. You have inspired your poor old mother.

  10. LOVE! Your home looks divine, like a Christmas card. x

  11. Your house looks like a catalog picture!! Nicely done!!

  12. Well you certainly have the spirit - your house looks beautiful.
    My personal favorites: the buffet table, how you display your grass ornaments (i display my nativity scenes that way), the mirrored advent calendar AND the tree.
    This year I dont think I will be decorating, but for the last couple of years i have gone all black and white.

  13. The classic & traditional touches are so beautiful! A very warm & cozy Cape Cod home...and I'm sure you looked adorable in your J Crew puffer vest :)

  14. i love the way your house looks. people always tell me my house looks like a pb catalog and that used to annoy me. but lately it doesn't b/c everytime i walk through their store i'm amazed by the beauty. i can't say that with many other retail stores. so if someone says that to you i'd take it as a compliment too. and your house is red which is adorable and you don't have a fireplace either and your not a big fan of christmas and you are darling. all that being said, i'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more posts. xo janet

  15. dcresider: Thank you!!!!

    Nicole: You nail those hawt outfits everyday you minx, you!

    Mommyblogger: Thank you so much! Sometimes we just have to improvise you know?

    Anne: I'll be looking forward to your post ~ I'm sure your house will be looking gorgeous!

    Faux Fuschia: One of my all time blogging besties lives in Sydney and it is hard for me to fathom Christmas in summertime. It literally boggles my mind!You both need to come and skate with me in Central Park some Christmas!

    Jamie: Thank you! You are too sweet!

    Mom: Glad to return the favor. You coming here for Christmas last year was the only thing that saved me from being meaner and crankier than the Grinch himself. Love you!

    Corinne: I told you those two chairs by the tree are there for a purpose: for you and I to sit with our wine. xoxo

    Sayaka: Thank you and welcome aboard! I'm happy to have you here!

    Lorena: Black and white must be shockingly stunning! You have my wheels spinning now....

    Maureen: Thank you so much! I assure you I looked just as crazed and obsessed!

    The Gardener's Cottage: Oh, thank you so much! I have been LOVING your blog for some time now and I am flattered to have you visiting mine!!

  16. WOW!!!! You have an amazing house and the tree.... my god!
    Here in Holland/Amsterdam we do not have a lot of space so our tree will not be as big :-) Yours is very very pretty. Its is so in balance withe lights and decoration. Thanks for sharing. This is what I call inspiration! Ciao

  17. Hi Eleanor,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! What a beautiful house you live in! The Christmas decorations look wonderful! Oh, you already have your tree up.....:-)! We will start tomorrow. Just one more day!

    Lieve groet,


  18. I LOVE your tree...and we have a few decorating themes in common..I have the SAME Happy Holidays scroll....using it instead of ornaments again this year...I just don't trust my crazy 2 year old around glass ornaments YET.
    The house is PERFECTION. I have started decorating..and plan to finish up before Thursday's soiree...Can't wait to have a glass of wine and toast to 2011 with ya! C


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