Wednesday, January 26, 2011

But Ohio Don't Remember Me...

"Ok Eleanor, we already know you're in Ohio...can you cut the corny Ohio references please?"
I know that is what you guys are thinking.
And I'm sorry.
But I can't help myself.
See, one of my favorite bands is The National, and they are from Ohio, so naturally they reference Ohio...and...well, nevermind.
I promise no more Ohio references.
Mostly because I fly home tomorrow anyway.

silk cargo jacket: jcrew
sequin tank: express
boyfriend jeans: express
belt: ny&co
boots: nine west
stacked rings & earrings: express

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Was Carried To Ohio In A Swarm Of Bees

Or, um, by a Continental Express Jet.
Despite some snow fall in the New York area this morning, my flight got off on time and I made it safely to Ohio.
My flight was almost empty and anyone who was on it was wearing a stuffy suit.
So I must have been quite a sight in my fur vest.
But at least I had a solo window seat.

vest: express
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini
turtleneck: talbots
necklace: express

Monday, January 24, 2011

Real Life / Glamour Life

This is one hectic day for me.
Tomorrow morning I leave for Ohio for the remainder of the week for business.
While I would not for one instant change my life, I cannot help but wonder what it would be like if I lived the very glamourous life I believe I was destined for......

Real Life: Get home from work at 12am this morning. Let dogs out since they have woken and are dancing around me. Finally climb into bed unable to reposition if uncomfortable since littlest dog has decided to sleep on top of my legs. When alarm goes off at 5am hit snooze repeatedly while in a semi~comatose state, losing phone/alarm clock somewhere in the bed sheets. Wake up 1 hour and 45 minutes later disgruntled that I wasted 1 hour and 45 minutes of day.

Glamour Life: Wake up smiling, stretching and fully relaxed from a gloriously restful night sleep. Lay in my bed for an extra few minutes basking in the warm sunlight that is softly shining through the windows.

Real Life: Tie hair in a bun, put on glasses and stumble into kitchen, pour coffee. Out of agave nectar since there has been no time to food shop. Begrudgingly use refined sugar (yuck!) and start cleaning up mess left all over counters from family last night while taking random sips of coffee.

Glamour Life: Wrap myself in the softest silk robe and drift into kitchen for morning coffee. Hubby has laid out my favorite mug and a spoon for stirring. Morning paper is sitting on the clean, empty counter. Snuggle into sofa with coffe and paper enjoying every sip of that perfectly prepared java.

Real Life: Toast a bagel to have for breakfast. Lord knows, I spent $15 on bagels Sunday morning, cannot let any of them go to waste.

Glamour Life: Personal chef asks me if I would like a small dish of fresh fruit to go with my omelet he is preparing.

Real Life: Daughter comes downstairs semi cranky and gets even more so when I inform her there are no more plain bagels. Settles on a marble rye but makes sure I know she isn't happy about it. Remind her of the time and start countdown to being out the door on time for school.

Glamour Life: Daughter comes downstairs and greets me with a warm hug and kiss. She eagerly tells me all about her dreams of puppies and gumdrops and rainbows until her governess comes and quickly whisks her away to get ready for school.

Real Life: Run out in single digit temps in yoga pants, sneakers and baseball cap. Sunglasses are necessary since I never washed off eye makeup last night. Drop daughter at school (LATE!) and drive right over to grocery store that is teaming with senior citizens frightened about an impending snow storm Tuesday night. Grab one of the last gallons of milk before they.are.all.gone. Fill cart up with necessities for hubs and kids while I am away.

Glamour Life: Still wearing my silk robe, I discuss with my personal chef what he will be feeding the family while I am away and make arrangements for groceries to be ordered and delivered.

Real Life: Arrive home, after unpacking groceries, start sorting laundry and running loads of wash. Walk back into laundry room to see entire mountain of towels has disappeared. Befuddled, I wander into my master bedroom and see the mountain restacked there. Littlest dog apparently likes to play tricks on me. Carry laundry back to laundry room.

Glamour Life: Get dressed in the very latest designer fashions and head out to run some errands. Laundry is cleaned and pressed and picked up from cleaners.

Real Life: Laundry is going, change sheets on all 3 beds. Try to squeeze in a Jillian Michaels workout DVD.

Glamour Life: Meet my personal trainer at the gym for a session. Need to perfect that 6 pack before my vacation in the islands.

Real Life: Bite off all my fingernails while thinking of all the things left to do.

Glamour Life: After a refreshing workout, head to salon for mani and pedi.

Real Life: Shower and twist unbrushed hair into a bun. Just like I have every day for the past two weeks.

Glamour Life: After nails have been done in the most dazzling colors, get hair color touched up, a trim and blow out.

Real Life: Wrangle suitcases out of attic and begin stressful job of packing. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR????

Glamour Life: Arrive home perfectly coiffed to find luggage laid out on bed by housekeeper. Outfits have already been selected and are hung and accessorized in closet. Just need to lay them into luggage, being careful to wrap sweaters with tissue so they don't wrinkle.

Real Life: Abandon packing job out of frustration and resume cleaning. Scrubbing out tub is a challenge since big dog has needed 3 baths in the past week.

Glamour Life: Tie up tresses and have a late afternoon soak. Nothing beats a bubble bath after such a busy day!

Real Life: Pick up kids from school, help with homework and studying, check on pot of chili simmering on stove. Husband left work late and is now stuck in traffic.

Glamour Life:  Governess takes care of homework and studying, chef has dinner in the works, when my husband arrives home joyous to see me after a long day at his very fulfilling job.

Real Life: Everyone wants to eat dinner in the family room watching Seinfeld.

Glamour Life: Family sits around the dining room table sharing stories enjoying dinner.

Real Life: Clean kitchen. AGAIN. Chase daughter upstairs. Beg her to stop jumping on trampoline that is in her room and! Hubby has now fallen asleep on couch. Curmudgeonly teen has locked himself into his bedroom.

Glamour Life: Join husband for a nice glass of wine after dinner and talk about upcoming trip to the islands. Share hopes and dreams and knowing glances. Governess tucks kids in bed.

Real Life: Wake up at crack of dawn. Throw last minute items into luggage wondering if I even packed outfits that make sense. At 9:30 am drop daughter at school. Drive 45 minutes to airport. Wrestle luggage out of car and drag through parking lot. Stand in long, long security lines. Realize I wore holey socks as I stand there in the crowd shoeless.

Glamour Life: Enjoy same morning routine as previous day. At 9:30 am, driver is ready to take me to the airport. Luggage is already loaded into my black Range Rover. Curbside drop off at airport, where I glide right up to first class ticket window. Miniscule line at security and everyone comments on how gorgeous my Jimmy Choo's are when I remove them. Flight is right on time, board plane and settle into comfy first class seats. Am offered a glass of wine shortly after boarding.

Real Life: Flight is delayed. When I finally board realize my seat is all the way in the back of coach and my seat partner is big and smelly.

Ain't life grand?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recipe For An Afternoon Of Fun

1 ~ Small Child
1 ~ Bungee cord
1 ~ Office chair on wheels
1 ~ House full of wood floors

Put small child on office chair.
(Allow them to hold a small dog if they insist)
Instruct them to hold one end of bungee cord.
Hold other end.
Pull child on chair throughout house.
The faster the better.
Make sure all turns are made quickly so child squeals with delight.
Enjoy the large quantities of laughter that ensue. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Desperately Seeking Inspiration

I feel like in December all I said was, "Is it January yet?" hoping for a slower pace to this crazy life I lead.
As I sit here midway through January (already?), life has not slowed down in the slightest and I now find myself saying, "Is it February yet?"

A true realization of just how hectic my life has become was brought to my attention just within the past few days.
Someone at work commented on how when they first began working with me in the early fall, my outfits were "not anything you would ever think of putting together" and how I never wear the same outfit twice.
As we got deeper and deeper into the holiday rush, she mentioned how many times I simply wore a ribbed tank and a coccoon sweater with skinny jeans and boots.
Like a uniform of sorts.
She wasn't being malicious or insulting, she was just stating the simple truth.
She even added that leggings and tunic like tops have become quite a staple in my daily dressing as well.
My dress is so "mainstream" lately she said.

Running around maniacally requires comfortable footwear (aka my Coach boots).
Heave ho-ing boxes around and carrying armloads of clothing also requires full motion and outfits that allow for plenty of movement (jeans and coccoons/tunics & leggings).
Practicality becomes a driving force.

Truth be told, mental and physical exhaustion has left me feeling pretty uninspired lately.
More so than the desire to be practical.
I mean, my motto since my teenage years has been, "Fashion before function!"
Oh sure, I have had a good day here and there, putting something together that better defines me.
But for lack of energy and brainpower I have been relying on simple basics to get me through.

Thus I have no outfit post today, working overnight every day of the past week had me living in yoga pants and sneakers.

Instead I want to share with you a few lovely ladies that I look forward to seeing daily.
Who inspire me regularly.
Who keep the faith while I am slumming it.
Their ingenuity and creativity allow me to believe that this too shall pass.
Or in other words, some really cool girl crushes!

She is a breath of fresh air.
Her posts are sweet simplicity and her style is enviable.
I swoon.

My first official blog crush, she keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for her next post of sheer fabulousness.
In my next life I want to be her.

Quite possibly the coolest mother ever.
She can also rock a pair of jeans like no one's business.
Her easy, carefree style is covetable and impossibly unimitable.
Pure chic.

Her vintage style is impeccable.
She is living out my youthful dream life of shop owner and soon to be wife of a talented musician.
Some girls are so lucky.

One of my very first blogging besties, I feel as though I cannot remember blogging life before Pam.
Her daily posts have been part of my daily routine for so long now, I hope to meet her someday.
Maybe she'll come for a visit so she can see the Jersey Shore for reals?
I heart her.

Her stirring photography and her enviable travel schedule keep me living vicariously through her.
She currently lives my future life as a New Englander ~ perhaps we will be Bostonian neighbors within the next two years?
Or perhaps I will finally be living in my dream location of Cape Elizabeth, Maine where Sarah's sister coincidentally lives?
It was destiny for me to have found her.
I heart her too.

Indulges my love of cooking with my love of photography with my love of all things French with my love of appreciating the simple beauty in life.
Truly inspiring blog in so many different ways.

Who inspires you??

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

i love the snow. i love having a snow day.

it means yummy stuff like challah french toast for breakfast.

watching two crazy snowbeasts enjoy the powdery stuff.

there was plenty of shoveling.

and then plenty of napping.

the prettiness outside the window made my leftover christmas decor look perfectly natural.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Art Of The Layer

You all already know how much I love to layer which makes this time of year so much more enjoyable for me, as I can just wear item on top of item on top of...well, you get the idea!

Some things just sort of make sense together.
I loved how this striped tissue turtleneck brought down the formality of a silk beaded cami.
But it still looked like it was missing something.
I knew it would have looked best with my brown suede knee highs, but as it was snowing, that wasn't happening.
But besides even that, it needed just one extra touch...and the fur vest filled that void completely.
Casual and fun and layered to the hilt!

On an unrelated note, Happy Birthday to my soon~to~be sister in law Katie!
Besides the love we share for this fella:

We are also sharing birthdays this year that are all 1's.

Freaky, huh?

Happy Birthday Katie!
I love you!!!

fur vest: from the girl's dept @ jcpenney
silk cami: jcrew
tissue turtleneck: jcrew
jeans: express
boots: coach

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last Year, This Year, All Year

Last January, I wore this outfit on a day off of thrifting.
This vintage camel blazer is an item I can never live without in my wardrobe.
In fact, I have worn it here, here and here.
Here's how I wore it, yet again, this January:

Which way did you like it best?
(As for me, my favorite was far from home!)

blazer: vintage evan piccone, thrifted
buffalo check shirt: jcrew
stripe bateau shirt: jcrew
belt: limited
jeans: express stella jean legging
boots: coach
earrings: harry winston (hee hee...yea, right!)

Friday, January 7, 2011

You Got It Right This Time

Just before the holiday, I got the offer from JCrew for 30% off one entire purchase along with free shipping.
I debated and debated what to use it on until about 30 minutes before the offer expired, ultimately ordering 2 shirts.
A gingham boyfriend shirt and this chambray one.

I've thought about this shirt off and on again since the one I have in the same shade is very long and almost tunic like.
I want one that isn't quite so long.
I have a denim shirt in a very dark wash as well.
But I had not come across the lighter wash in a more fitting length.
Until now.

The price is what had me debating until the last moments, but I finally pulled the trigger and am glad I did.

Same story goes for this necklace.
I loved it as soon as I saw it, but shied away because of the price even though the color and rope will easily make it relevant all through out the warmer months as well.
When I received a rewards coupon that brought the price of it down to a miniscule amount, I was able to justify buying it.
And when I got both of these items home, I asked myself why I am so quick to decide on "cheaper" items, when if I debated them more and maybe spent a little extra on something I really loved, wouldn't it be better?
Do I pull the trigger faster because lower price tag = less guilt?
All I can say is I am so glad I bought both of these items and I predict you will see them reappear here again and again.

Are you seduced by price tags?
Does seeing a great price make you not even think twice about adding something to your wardrobe?

I would love to have everyone weigh in on this topic!

blazer: express
chambray shirt: jcrew
striped sweater: limited
necklace and ring: express
skirt and earrings: new york & company
tights: target
boots: coach

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Didn't Die. I Carried On.

Envision this.
If you will.
It is a blustery winter morning.
The kind of fine morning that you spend taking your time getting going.
You are savoring your morning coffee and contemplating your day.
The sun is just beginning to shine on the snow covered ground.
The world seems quiet and peaceful this morning.
That is until you look at of your window and see your crazy neighbor dressed in this:

She is crawling through your backyard in the snow, dropping f-bombs like a seasoned trucker, begging and pleading for a this little tiny runt of a dog to come to her.
She is waving dog biscuits in the air wildly while the small dog just stares at her like the lunatic she is.
Suddenly, a larger dog comes darting through the open gate of your neighbor's fence challenging the small dog to a game of chase.
Your absurd neighbor starts chasing the big dog, screaming more obscenities that just make you wince.
The big dog runs back into their yard in a panic, she entices the small dog with a biscuit and disappears as quickly as she showed up in your backyard.

Yes, that was my morning.
Winnie somehow escaped under our fence into our neighbors yard who owns a pitbull.
Yes, I said pitbull.
Their dog is old and quite docile with humans, but about 5 years ago, our dog Bailey escaped one fine morning and ran up their front steps and the same pitbull put her head through a glass panel next to their front door when she saw my dog sitting on her front porch.
Yes, I said put her head through a glass panel.
That monster could eat my little Winnie for a snack, so you can imagine my panic when I was getting ready for work, looked out the window and didn't see her.
Then I caught a glimpse of her through the fence in the backyard of said pitbull and nearly passed out.
Way too stressful a way to start the day.

A few minutes after Winnie was on lockdown in the house,  I ran outside to start the car and let it warm up.
As I was running back into the house, there was tons of smoke billowing from the back of our neighbor's house.
Yes, I said tons.
Way more than is normal for a dryer vent, so I asked my daughter to take a look.
She suggested that we go tell them, but as I was still in my pink robe, I opted to dress first.
Then I realized that running next door would make Ryan late for school and me late to another meeting I was attending today.
This was a moral dilemma much bigger than myself this early in the morning, and I decided it must just be a snow covered dryer vent, so off we went about our business.
My daughter scolded me in the car, said I wasn't nice, and I told her that what really isn't nice is a nosy neighbor that bugs people.
Especially one that was just running around outside half dressed and cursing.

And clearly I was right, because when I got home from work tonight their house is still standing.
So as I see it, I saved myself from looking like a bigger jackass than I already did.

So how was your morning?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do You Remember The First Time?

You know you've been a slacker when you throw on a dress, go to work and one of your employees asks you why you're so dressed up.

I have been living in jeans at work since early November and for my first day back after mini vacation I decided a dress would be easy.
And less restrictive.
Since I am so ridiculously bloated.

Now that the madness in the mall has dwindled down, I can start exploring my closets more and wearing more dresses and skirts.
Which is not condusive to wrangling boxes of freight that come in daily by the hundreds.

And speaking of "exploring the closets" I'm not the only one who needs to diet right now.
I need to put my wallet on a diet too.
Yes folks, that means it's time to Shop The Closet once again!
I was really good about it this summer and when I did my 2010 recap, I really loved some of the things I put together when forced to be more creative.

In reality I don't need a blessed thing until spring/summer anyway.
Thrifting is still acceptable, but not until I address some alteration projects that have been piling up.
Once I have mended/altered these treasures I can hunt once more.

It's a good thing I got a big, fat JCrew giftcard this Christmas. For emergencies, of course.

dress: express
vest: ny&co
ring: banana republic
watch: citizen (christmas gift from hubby!)
bracelet: tiffany's