Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Born Too Late

As I was perusing through my blog roll, I read a post by one of my all time favorite bloggers that really got me thinking. Emily said that she feels she was born in the wrong era and I often feel the same way about myself. The only problem is, which era do I feel I should have been born in?
As a young girl, we somehow ended up having a crinoline from my aunt's wedding at our house. I spent many, many days pulling that thing on up to my shoulders and running about the house pretending I was Laura Ingalls Wilder. My afternoons were spent daydreaming of life in the early to mid 1800's as it seemed so ideal and simplistic to me. As I grew a bit older, I became infatuated with the Amish as that seemed a more realistic way to live out my petticoat dreams. I imagined marrying an Amish man and immersing myself in the lifestyle I so admired in the current day and age.
Once I hit junior high and the teen angst years, I longed to have been born a bit earlier so I could have lived in the 1970's London & New York punk rock scene. How cool it would have been to be there in the midst of the start of a movement I felt such a connection to. To be around during the antics of the Sex Pistols and the dawning of my favorite punk bands would have been amazing. To have hung out in places like CBGB's a decade or so earlier than I had the chance too would have been the coolest.
Now as a mother approaching my forties, I wish I had been an adult through the opulent '80s. I have such a fondness for the garish and decadent decor I still see lurking around thrift stores. I love classic center hall colonials because they simply feel like home. Big hair and big shoulders ~ was there anything small about the 80's? Spending my 7th-17th years in that decade left such a soft spot in my heart for it.
All this reminiscing just brings me back to the question of which era would have suited me best? As an adult, the low mortality rates and difficulty in just surviving daily makes the 1800's a bit less appealing. I am fascinated with all things surrounding the Crusades and to have been a Templar Knight sounds so romantic while I know in reality life was much more harsh than the 1800's. What if I had lived through those groundbreaking punk years? Would I have emerged unscathed or just been a lost soul like so many were? To have been an adult in the 1980's, would I have lost myself in the lust for excess?
As a firm believer that our destinies are already written somewhere, I know that I was fully meant to have been a small child through the 70's, an impressionable youth in the 80's in order to spend the 90's becoming what I am today: a mother.
Even with that reality and understanding, it is still nice to lose myself in the occasional daydream....

Do you think you were born in the wrong era?

shirt & belt: jcrew
dress: ny&co (old)
tights & sunglasses: express
vest: diy jean jacket, vintage, thrifted
bangles: jcrew, express, and random


  1. Awww I loved this post. And not just because you mentioned me ;)
    My dreams change daily. I am easily influenced by books, movies and the internet. It's nice to fantasize but I am very grateful for running water, electricity, women's rights and all the good stuff that comes with this day and age! I'll stick to my fantasy books. Where's a good vampire when you need him?

  2. no,i enjoy living in the Now.
    i have the tartan perfect shirt too,it looks great in your outfit!

  3. I think that I was born in the exact right time- but wish I could have lived in the 40's. The fashion was amazing!!!

    And- weird side note...When I was almost 2 years old- I told my mom that "I was a very old soul who has been around a long time."

    She was totally freaked out because this was nothing she ever talked about and I just said it with a look in my eyes that made her think I was telling a universal truth.

    I have always thought that was pretty maybe I did live in another time?!

  4. Aw, shoot, girl, what day and time is it? My ideas change all the time. Right now - I would've loved to have lived during Edith Wharton's NY, a la Age of Innocence. But only if I could have been part of that certain elite class, of course!

  5. hi eleanor,

    i was an adult in the 80's! it was kinda fun.
    my girlfriend and i always wish it was the 50's. times seem so much nicer then. tv was basic, really everything was basic. it seems like things were not as bad as they are now. kids had manners. i don't know, it just seemed simpler and kinder.

    love your outfit, you look stunning as usual!

  6. I wanted to be around in the '60s. To see The Beatles at The Cavern. The Rolling Stones. The Doors at The Whiskey..

  7. Love how you paired the plaid shirt under the black sleeveless dress! Might have to steal that look for work.

  8. I think I lived the you wanted....But I wanted to be a grown up in the 60s and early 70s........I just got to visit the original Biba before it closed!!

  9. cute the dress and bangles!

  10. Ok. Have you seen Midnight in Paris, yet? This question plagues Owen Wilson's character.
    I often wish I was around during the 20's or 40's. The era just intrigues me.


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