Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cold Hard Truth

I'm stuck in a rut.
I'd love to pretend that everyday I am parading around town wear my finest vintage finds that I have amazingly paired with the hottest "on trend" items. But I would be lying.
Lately I find myself building outfits around sports bras. As in, "Can I pull this top off with a sports bra underneath?" Luckily, most days the answer is yes because I usually just pick a long sleeve t shirt and pair of yoga pants to accompany said sports bra.
I have been making jokes that my husband rarely sees me dressed anymore but it's really not a joke. I am in yoga pants or leggings when he leaves in the morning, and by the time he arrives home from work, I am right back in them again. If I am being totally honest, I am lucky to spend over 5 hours dressed in "real clothes" most days. And in another stretch of brutal honesty, I probably wouldn't even do that if I didn't have to pick my daughter up from school every single day. The thought of showing up in the school yard like that is the only thing that keeps me pulling one of the same three pairs of jeans on every day. Although, since I am giving you all full disclosure, I should admit that on days when I can't even muster up a smidgeon of desire to put on proper clothes, I arrive at my daughters school 35 minutes early to park in the pick up line because it generally assures me a spot right in front of the door and I don't even have to get out of the car. Geez. What is going on with me???
I am not sure how it has happened since I have never been like this in my life. This morning I stood in front of the closet staring into space. I pulled out 3 different pairs of pants (not jeans) then hung them all back up again. Stared at my jeans for a few more minutes then placed them back in the closet as well and threw on yoga pants, sneakers and a sweatshirt. Granted, I went for a long bike ride right after then came home and baked some cupcakes for the kids...but still. In fact, it is so gorgeous here today that I fully intend to walk to my daughter's school this afternoon dressed just like this. 
I surprise myself.
Maybe it's just a January thing. I've been feeling under the weather since Friday night and I would love to blame it on that, but it's been going on for a while now so I really can't. I know we all feels best in our comfort zone...but this is getting a bit ridiculous.

What do you wear when you can't muster up the desire to get dressed?


  1. Being summer here (or a crappy version of it) sundresses have been my lazy friend. Just one item to throw on, haven't even bothered with accessories.

  2. Hi Eleanor! I feel a bit the same myself lately! Did all the closet clearing and put together some great outfits, yet can't be bothered to wear them! I grab the first pair of jeans and top and thats it for the day! Hope I improve before Spring arrives:)

  3. I have a squishy black cashmere dress from Brora that I wear on days like that. It feels like wearing the coziest nightgown ever. I wear it with my black cashmere lace tights that look fancy but are comfortable. Then I put on my black velvet fluevog heels that are like slippers, but aren't.
    Then I put on my apron and I wear that for the whole day (even under my coat when I go pick up my daughter). I wear this outfit minimum once a week in the winter.
    Most days I dress in a wool skirt and a sweater or a dress even though I am at home. I changed up my whole wardrobe a couple of years ago as I approached 40. I realized I was never going to be able to dress the way I wanted to because I was never going to have that job, that reason to. For me it is an issue of self, my own standards. I love clothes and I love to look put together. I spent my 20's and 30's in jeans and even denim overalls so it's great to express myself through my outfits.
    People ask me why I am so dressed up until they get used to it, I'm okay with that and I tell them why too.
    I do wear stretchy black leggings to do my daily exercise but do I ever hate them, and I won't answer the door in them as they are skintight on my butt: I'm not showing my butt, no way!

    Sorry for the long comment. I think you are having a real transition that can be difficult to adjust to. I hope you feel better about things soon. I can relate as I often get down this time of year.
    Big hug!

  4. I have one of those velour "fanshay" sweatsuits...haha...or I wear yoga pants, a workout top, and a zippered cover-up with sneakers.

  5. I needed to see this post right now. Thank you for making me feel somewhat normal :) I don't know how some bloggers do it, and I've only been at this for a few weeks!

  6. hi eleanor, my guess is that you are going through some sort of change. from reading your blog, it sounds as if you really, really love fashion so the fact that you are retreating from it indicates some sort of change. be kind to yourself. it's ok to be comfy and cozy and right now it sounds like that is what you need. a lot of people suffer from seasonal disorder this time of year, i know i would if i wasn't in sunny california. 2 rainy days in a row and i'm ready to kill myself! my advice is to not fight it. accept it and it will pass right through you. xo janet

  7. I've been feeling the same way lately. I've been putting in the bare minimum. I think maybe it's the January doldrums. Hopefully?



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