Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We have been experiencing some gorgeous weather here on the East Coast. More than once temperatures have soared towards 70 degrees which is virtually unheard of in January. This past weekend was no exception. Saturday we hit 68 and when the mercury rises that high, I find it unacceptable to not be outside basking in Mother Natures little gift.
It used to drive me nuts when I worked retail and would be trapped inside a mall on such brilliant days. As people would filter in and out all day long I would find myself wondering why they had nothing better to do than go to the mall. Even worse were the days of inclement weather when I couldn't have paid people to leave the mall so the stores could close early and the employees could get home safely. Why can't people amuse themselves outdoors or even in their own homes?
Today's homes are more than well equipped with TV's, DVD's, and computers to keep people entertained. Whatever happened to simply reading a book? Or playing a board game? Or having friends over to just hang out? How about getting outside and talking a walk, riding a bike or even take a ride in your car through a scenic area?
I think in a lot of cases, people have forgotten how to entertain themselves. Imaginations have become obsolete because we have gadgets that can do almost anything for us. Children don't even need to flex their creative muscles much anymore because they have so many different video games and toys that take them into other worlds that were created by someone else's imagination.
My daughter is infatuated with these new Barbie sized dolls called Monster High. She has been collecting them for over a year and this Christmas she received a bunch more as well as their accessories. She has a wall in her room of cubbies that stored her books, movies, and toys. A few months ago she emptied them all out, donated most of her books (broke my heart) and sold most of her toys she no longer played with at the flea market in order to make "rooms" for her dolls.
Her little made up "rooms" are sweet, but my husband and I toyed with the idea of buying her a large wooden dollhouse  and furniture for Christmas that would fit her dolls and afford her more "realistic" play with them. Dollhouses like that do not come cheaply and I realized that I could most likely be selling it on Craig's List or at the flea market by next Christmas so why bother? Instead we went to our local arts and crafts store and bought her a pad of decorative scrapbooking paper and sheets of felt. A few weeks before Christmas she and I spent two afternoons "wallpapering" and making "beds" for the rooms. I must say they came out really cute and my daughter was tickled pink. 
Yesterday I was bringing some clean laundry into the kid's bedrooms and there she was playing with her dolls and their little "homes". She couldn't wait to show me a "desk" she had just fashioned for one of her dolls from an old cardboard shoe box. 
It was my turn to be tickled pink. It was sheer genius and I couldn't hide my awe over it. What a clever girl! She couldn't be happier or more satisfied than she is with her own creation and in turn has proven to me once again that less is usually way, way more.

sweater: vintage, thrifted
scarf: ? (old)
l/s tee shirt : jcrew
jeans: express
boots: style & co
sunglasses: banana republic


  1. Lovely photos Eleanor! The weather is acting very strange over here too! I am afraid we are going to get another bad Summer, because it is so mild now!

  2. I'll take the weather we had over the weekend any day! I'm sure a snow storm will head our way soon enough. Hopefully the week I'm in Mexico on vacation :)

    Express makes some great jeans - I have been really into distressed denim lately, and theirs are really affordable. The cashiers always let me pull up a coupon from my phone and use it at the checkout.

  3. i too think people have forgotten how to entertain themselves. i saw a commercial while watching football yesterday that is pushing kids to get outside and play for an hour a day. an hour a day? can you imagine that? holy moly what has happened. i remember being a kid and broke (as usual) and making my barbie furniture out of shoe boxes and old doilies. i still think about them to this day. your daughter sounds absolutely delightful. oh and i love your outfit. perfectly cozy and the proportions are absolutely perfect. you are gorgeous!

  4. This looks so chic!!
    Following ;))


  5. I'm happy to hear that the weather in the EC is nice!! I love the green sweater on you. You look so chic!!

  6. great post and very cute outfit! really enjoyed reading your thoughts about entertainment today. I wish we didn't rely so much on technology to keep ourselves occupied!

  7. Love the color of your sweater! Perfectly matched with those boots! x

  8. Love those brown boots!

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog and started following. What an awesome thing to stop spending moola on new clothes! You're so brave.

    We would love it if you'd check out and follow us at

  10. Great boots! And agreed, the weather was all sorts of amazing this weekend!

  11. You make even the simplest outfits look amazing. I cannot believe it is 70 degrees back east! It is 70 here in AZ- but that is the norm. If you all start having nice weather- no one will come out west in winter anymore, ha!

    Glad you got to enjoy the nice weather NOT stuck inside.


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