Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Hana Air Blow Dryer

 If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, then I think you know that I am fussy about my hair. Sometimes my hair gets more comments than my outfits! I have used the same hair dresser for over 10 years now and cannot imagine letting anyone else touch my tresses. Some women spend on Jimmy Choo's...I spend on my hair. I have always worked with the public and how I present myself (locks included) has always been more than a big deal to me.
 I have naturally curly hair that I blow out section by section with a round brush every few days. Every few days, because it is a 45 minute to an hour production to dry this thick mane. That is beside the fact that I would be bald if I tormented my hair with heat like that on a daily basis! When I get my hair done, my hair dresser gets the arm workout of a lifetime. Drying this head is no simple task. Since I run my blow dryers constantly for hours a week I burn them out faster than you can say flat iron! Why don't I just use professional hair straighteners, you ask? I love the body that I get from using a blow dryer, that's why. Flat irons make my hair look just that ~ flat.
A few years ago I started ordering blow dryers through my hair dresser. She owns the salon and day spa where I get my hair done and when I am in need, she orders me a salon grade dryer and has it sent there for me. Unfortunately, I burned out the last one of them too and have been using a Conair I picked up at Target since the blower "blowout" caught me in a pinch.
Over the holidays, I received an email from Misikko, a company that sells hair care & styling products online.
They asked if I would use and review one of their blow dryers. I chuckled. They probably couldn't have found a better blogger to try out their blow dryers! After all of these years, I am practically an expert!

I swooned over the package when I opened it!

My soon to be sister in law said, "Is it weird to call a blow dryer beautiful?"
Not when it looks like this!
I couldn't wait to try it out!

This is what my hair looks like au natural. I know. I look like a leftover from an 80's metal band.

I start with the bottom layers. Other than the sleek, and easy to hold design, the first thing I noticed when I turned it on was the blast of air! Holy smokes...the power in this thing is incredible! Let's just say it literally blew dust out from behind my bathroom mirror. To be truthful, I was secretly hoping it would be so powerful that it could reduce my drying time significantly. I started drying at 9:40 am and with all the picture taking I did, I was done by 10:20! Win!

Talk about volume!
My hair has never had this much volume from ANY other dryer I have used.

You can see how sleek and compact it is in comparison to the thick and bulky Conair.

It has always bothered me that the back of the Conair was a dust/lint/hair trap.

The back of the Hana is just perfect!

Look at the difference in cord length!
When you have to stand there for any length of time, freedom of movement is critical.
The cord on the Hana affords me ample room to move around.

After some finishing creme to tame the volume a bit and keep a sleek shine on the ends.

All in all, if you spend the time on your hair like I do, or even just appreciate quality over throw away products, then this is definitely a blow dryer worth investing in. I can tell you that I already bragged to my hair dresser that I now know of one of the best blow dryers around.

*I have never reviewed a product on this blog before although offers have come. My opinion about the Hana Air Dryer is honest and straightforward. I have not been compensated by Misikko other than the blow dryer they sent me to review. I have actually turned down product review offers in the past because they weren't "me" or the products/websites were crappy and I didn't like the product. While being offered merchandise for product reviews is definitely a perk of blogging, it is not why I started this blog. If I do a product review here, it is because I genuinely felt strongly about the item. Any questions, feel free to email me.*


  1. You have such lovely full hair.

  2. God, your hair is gorgeous. I'm so jealous!!!

  3. You have gorgeous hair! That looks like an amazing hair dryer, I need to check it out!

  4. Oooh nice looking blow dryer! I would definitely say beautiful and btw your hair looks fabulous!


  5. Thanks for your sweet commnet! I love your hair! How can u keep it up so beautiful? xo

  6. Is it wrong that I am making grabby hands at your gorgeous hair? Ack ... I am going to stick my flat frizzy locks in the toilet. ;o)

  7. Fantastic review Eleanor and your hair looks gorgeous! I was wondering if you use any product in it before blow-drying, and if so...would you mind sharing? Thanks! :)

  8. Thanks Everyone for your sweet comments!
    @Fabulous Florida Mommy - I use Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation while my hair is damp, then I use Frizz-Ease Flawless Finishing Creme when I am done! I have tried tons of products over the years and I find that for the affordable price, Frizz-Ease works wonders!

  9. Wow, your hair looks great straight OR curly. I have super straight hair that is really fine, so I always go gaga over curly hair :)

    I bought a T3 blow dryer last year (pricey), but it's definitely worth the money to get a high quality blow dryer.

  10. I love your 80s metal band hair!!!!!
    (im not kidding)

    But it looks beautiful blown out too ;)


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