Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sparkles and Stilettos

I love this jacket.
I don't mean just a simple lowercase kind of love...I mean shout it from the rooftops and capitalize it kind of LOVE.
I discovered it while I was out thrifting and found all the amazing dresses that I have listed. It was buried in the dressy dress rack in a store that I find WAY overpriced and ridiculous (we're talking $150.00 coats in a thrift store that people wouldn't pay $150.00 for new and in a regular retail store) but check now and again because I do occasionally find a great item or two.
This was part of a set, and I have no clue if it came with a dress or a pantsuit...the other piece was long gone and this hung on the rack by itself with a $30.00 price tag. (Yes, I did chuckle out loud) I brought it to the counter and showed the nice woman who adjusted the price accordingly thank goodness. I didn't want to go home without it!
 I saw beyond the poly, and old school sequin trim knew that a plain white tee, skinny jeans and sky high heels could take it from retro-poly-housecoat-frump to night-on-the-town-fabulous. It's in the shop only because I have closets (note the plural) chock full of clothing and at what point do I need all these fabulous finds for myself?
Even though I'm really not going anywhere today, I may just keep it on long enough to go to school pick up this afternoon. Eat your hearts out Ugg Moms....

jacket: for sale here
tee: gap
jeans & earrings: express
heels: enzo angiolini
bracelet: charlotte russe (old)


  1. Great looking jacket. Wish I could walk on those shoes :-). They look great on you!


  2. Great outfit! And the shoes are to die for.

  3. How did the shinny eyeshadow in the inner corners work out?
    Oh and another tip for you and your skin, use a more pink blush on the apples of your cheek. You have the same yellow feel as I have... we girls at our age need a healthy baby blush :-) If you think in the store it is to pink.. buy it!!! It probably will look great on you. Oh and I love love this jacket on you and beautiful eye make-up. Ciao bisou Anna

  4. i wish i had more closet space. you look so beautiful in this set of pics. love the shoes too!

  5. Everything looks better with a pair of killer high heels - especially yours!


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