Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vintage In A Modern Wardrobe: The Sweater

I fell hard for this sweater when I stumbled upon it. I have a soft spot for the 80's, and with it's coloring and pattern, this sweater could have come directly from Mr. Cosby's closet itself. Big, bulky sweaters in crewneck form  are a favorite of mine (as witnessed most recently here) and the best ones seem to be vintage.
The question is, how do you balance big and bulky without looking like a rare breed of mohaired Sasquatch?
What if a pattern is involved? The whole idea could be borderline disastrous. 

I believe that big and bulky deserves slim and sexy. Opposites attract so keep it slim on the bottom. Of course throwing a sexy heel in the mix never hurts. Counteracting pattern with pattern keeps the top looking fresh and modern and I added the earrings so there would be a little sexy on top too. It's a little casual for a night look, but chic enough for lunch and shopping with the girls.

This sweater is in the shop and I'm surprised no one has snatched it up yet. Though I'm not sad no one has either....

sweater: vintage, thrifted paul harris
button up: ny & co (old)
jeans: those same old express ones i can't stop wearing
heels: bandolino (old)
clutch: banana republic (old)
sunglasses & earrings: express (old)


  1. It looks great with the slim leg jeans, and the rolled up shirt sleeves give it a real casual vibe!

  2. The sweater looks like something out of a J. Crew catalog. But cooler because it's vintage. Love how you styled it too!

  3. Gorgeous photo in the header lady! Love it.

    Love this mix of modern skinny jean with vintage oversized sweater...look suits you!

    PS...enrolling Connor in school tues and thursdays from 8-1pm so I wil have dedicated time for work and of course "play" lets plan an early thrift excursion and some lunch or something along those lines....just deciding between two places...decisions

  4. Love that pink clutch...looks great with the sweater :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. love your styling of this eleanor. i have a problem with too bulky of sweaters b/c i'm bigger on top than on the bottom. i always feel and look awkward in them. you on the other hand look fabulous. loving the little pink clutch too.

  6. Only you could make a big 80's Cosby sweater look super sexy and adorable!!!

    Love it.

  7. I love a great sweater paired with cuffed jeans! you look great! x

  8. i love this and all, but will you please give us a glimpse into your goth phase? a throwback style post, perhaps??
    reader's request...

  9. I like how you paired the sweater with a contrasting button down

  10. I had that sweater!!!! When your page popped up immediately I wondered, is that from Paul Harris? And indeed it is! I received it as a gift from my aunt for xmas one year! I love how you styled it, not very bill cosby at all, yet modern and chic!

  11. Looking good! You deCosby'd it by bringing out the pink with the clutch. haha

  12. Oooh, great styling. The jeans and heels make it so feminine.


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