Friday, January 6, 2012

Vintage In A Modern Wardrobe

I have been a vintage lover since I was fourteen or fifteen years old. Through some of the "leaner" years of my life, it was where I bought 95% of my clothing. As life grew more comfortable, sifting for treasures became my very favorite hobby. It will never cease to amaze me how many compliments or questions I get regarding a thrifted item I am wearing. People have asked where I purchased this or that and the majority have wrinkled their noses when I say "It's from a thrift store" or "It's vintage". I have also been shocked to go thrift shopping with some of the most fashionable ladies I know and see them look certifiably confused, unimpressed and even a wee bit grossed out by it.
What gives???
This has been weighing heavily on my mind all day and I can only assume that the answer is that people are unsure of how to incorporate vintage into a modern wardrobe. My friend Pamela over at Ginger Girl is NOT a thrift shopper. She is super stylish and put together and I thought it would be fun to send her a top from my shop to see how she would style it up without any prompting or requests from me. She made it look amazing! Pamela took a vintage blouse and paired it with a sleek pencil skirt and some modern baubles and left me wishing I had kept it for myself!
But what about the rest of the women out there who can't see past the occasional musty, mothball smelling shop and seas of racks chock full of polyester? Well, I think I can help those of you who have previously wrinkled your noses become little vintage divas in your own right.
I am going to start a new feature here on the blog and each post will begin with the same title as this one: Vintage In A Modern Wardrobe. I obviously only purchase items for the shop that I think are totally phenomenal and a great find. If I'm to be honest, they are things I have, would and will wear myself. And that's exactly what I am going to do. I will style up a find here on the blog to show you all how to make it look  so good that people will be asking, "Where did you get that?"
I spent yesterday and today thrifting and found a veritable treasure trove of vintage dresses. The kind of finds that give me those "first time" kind of butterflies in my stomach and make my head dizzy with joy. These dresses are all going into the shop, one by one after I show you how to work it into your own closet.
So, without further ado, I give you:
Vintage In A Modern Wardrobe: Mid-Length Dresses

I found this plain, black, sheer dress with a pleated skirt just this afternoon. At first, I even hemmed and hawed at the sheerness of it. But the peasant neckline and soft pleats made the sheerness seem simply divine.
A mid length can be tricky, and I am only 5'1 with hips, so pleats are tricky too! Looking at the dress on the hanger, I immediately thought Boho and to subdue the volume of the pleats at my hips, I knew it needed a cropped layering piece.

I paired it with a fur vest (I think 99% of us own one!), leggings, high boots (my favorite for mid length) and a solid black camisole. The peasant neckline calls for a statement earring in my opinion instead of a necklace, and in this case a shoulder scraper was what I selected. These pieces make it appropriate for winter and give it that bohemian edge.
For spring or summer, (this little number can work year round!) I would pair it with a denim vest, the leggings and cami and finish it off with a fabulous sandal. 

What do you think?
I hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas and even opens up the option to wear secondhand. I'm not a soapbox kind of girl, but a majority of thrift stores support a charity or hospital and reusing things is always good for the environment. So apart from saving money, you can prop a little halo over your head too.
This dress is on it's way into the shop now with free shipping and a price tag of only $25.00 I think you could give yourself a high five if you are the one to snatch this little number up...

dress: vintage, thrifted
vest: girl's dept. jcpenney (old)
boots: coach
leggings & cami: ny&co
earrings: express
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini (old)


  1. The new feature is a great idea...can't wait to see more! And, your hair still looks great from the blowout with the Hana dryer!

  2. This is great. I"ll be looking forward to checking out your "new" stuff.

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by - so nice to meet you! Loving how you incorporate vintage into modern and LOVE that brown dress, Looks perfect with the vest!

  4. Omg, I want that dress!!! Thank you again for the opportunity to receive and wear the fabulous blouse from your shop. You're right, I'm not a thrift shopper but I am going to be via your SHOP!!! It's perfect because you do such a great job editing it so there are great pieces to choose from. LIKE THAT DRESS! Gorgeous. I think your new feature is a PERFECT idea. Sometimes I think all it takes is someone to show us typically non-thrifter/vintage shoppers how to wear something that sparks the imagination.

  5. Fabulous dress, so chic. I'm having a bit of a 'moment' for mid lengths at the minute, which has surprised me because I always thought of them as tricky too and was convinced I couldn't pull them off! Beautifully styled :)

  6. Anybody can run out to the mall and buy an outfit they see on a mannequin. It takes a real fashion eye to find thrifted / vintage pieces and style them in a modern way as you have done here. I love this look!

    I haven't had the best luck thrifting in Baltimore unfortunately. I know some cities have awesome thrift shops. One of my favorite bloggers is Jentine at My Edit - mad thrifting skills!

    I wish I would have pulled the trigger on the Fendi bag you had in your shop - saw someone else snatched it up already. I'm going to keep scoping your shop for more finds!

  7. i don't own a fur vest!! i've just never found one that i really liked.
    love this look on you, though...
    i feel like your style has evolved so much over the last you're getting more comfortable or something. can't put my finger on it, but i love it!

  8. I would love to shop thrift/vintage or your shop, but it is very difficult to find my size. I am 5’ 7” and rather busty with small hips, so I wear XL on top, 10 ish on the bottom, and dresses that are 12-14 (in current sizing). Those sizes are very difficult to find and even harder without the ability to try something on. It plagues me, as I want to play too! As a matter of fact, I even had to stop going to Express because their clothes don’t fit me anymore and are not real-world-work-appropriate. It was a shame, because I used to LOVE their aesthetic! Le Double Sigh.

    - Tessa

  9. @Tessa Email me so we can chat more about the kind of things you are drawn to.I see so much out there, but as this is still new I am nervous to take too many risks. And BTW, I love it when you pop up here, your comments always brighten my day!

  10. What a beautiful lady you are! The dress is gorgeous, and the fur vest is perfect!

  11. Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are just cool lady and keep up the blogging. I like taking a glimpse into other peoples lives. It makes life a bit interesting.

  12. Beautiful! I love how you styled this dress.

  13. what a great piece!

  14. Hi Eleanor, thanks for your visit and lovely comment. So you are a peacock lover too, so these days more of it on my posts : ) I like your outfit on this post and style in general : )
    Have a lovely week.

  15. what a pretty dress!


  16. this dress is great...and I love the fur!

  17. I also think the new feature is great. Definitely do it :)


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