Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr. Mom

I had it all sorted out in my head what this week was going to look like. 
Sunday morning we would get the house spotlessly clean, run to the grocery store and food shop, have clothing pressed and lunches made that evening. I even sat down on Sunday and meal planned the week to perfection.
Sunday morning we were still painting so we didn't scrub and dust.
We did run to the grocery store because it was not an option, but come Monday night with the chaos surrounding the car delivery, we ended up ordering pizza at almost 8pm for dinner instead.
Tuesday night, I arrived home very late again as I traveled from the outskirts of NYC sheer across the state almost to the PA border to pick up my wayward laptop that ended up out there. From my laptop pick up point it was another hour home for a grand total of 3 hours of driving. When I did finally get home, I prepared the meal that I had planned on (Shepherd's Pie), and forced myself to prepare tonight's meal as well (Chicken Pot Pie). Thank goodness I did because today was unexpectedly hectic and it took me 2 hours to get home tonight. Luckily Mr. Teenager put it in the oven and I walked into a home that smelled delicious with no additional effort from my part.
I'm tired. My brain is spinning. My feet hurt being back in heels for long stretches after 5 months off. I was up at 3:45 this morning getting ready for work and out the door just after 6. After the long drive home I am completely rendered useless hiding here in the office, banging out this post then going to bed.
Thank God for my husband. 
Over the years we have been together (12!) he has morphed into Mr. Mom. We had built this amazing system of checks and balances running this household together and if I'm honest, I was a little nervous about him snapping back into it since I have taken care of everything on the home front since quitting my prior job. I ironed his clothing every morning, made the lunches, cooked the dinners then did the dishes, cleaned the house and did all the wash, etc. etc.
My worries were in vain. First thing Monday morning he turned right back into Mr. Mom as if I had never stayed home. He shifted his shift at work in order to drop our daughter to school each morning and has been ironing, making lunches, getting her up, dressed and fed without me nary lifting a finger. I truly only have myself to worry about each morning and today he actually followed me out to my car since my arms were full and brought me a couple of bottles of water to take with me. Even now as I sit here trying to relax and unwind, he has studied spelling with our daughter, played video games with my son, tucked the kids into bed, and just started the dishwasher. All while I veg out.
My surprise is at how easy he has transitioned back. I already knew he was incredible at this. I'm talking about the same man who got himself to work and kids to school every day for 2 solid weeks while I worked in St. Louis in 2010. My last job had me traveling 3-4 times a year and each time he slipped right into solo parenting mode and did a pretty darn good job at it too. Sure he makes me nuts sometimes, but I am grateful that he inadvertently is allowing me this time to be still and reflect while adjusting to my new schedule.
I think I'll keep him.


  1. wow eleanor i'm so impressed with how you are handling all this. i'm telling you, i'd be a mess. your husband sounds amazing and yes, you better keep him! good luck with everything.

  2. What a crazy few days! I am sure you will get into a good routine soon, and either way- it sounds like your family has your back.

    What a blessing. I hope the rest of your week goes well and I am glad you have such a wonderful man in your life!


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